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As the Medrese-i Yusufiye team, we talk and visit with our friends, brothers and sisters and people from different walks of life almost every day.

While our brothers from our Madrasa-i Yusufiye team were chatting at our New Asia office in İzmir, which has been a frequent target of many people lately, the conversation they had with one of our Manisa readers is quite remarkable. In addition to stationery products, a wide variety of books, especially our publications, are sold in our office.

The conversation revolves around the effect of book prices in relation to price increases. Our brother explains that although prices have increased, he will continue to buy books and should be bought from them with an example. Despite the fact that many publications, including Risale-i Nur, have gotten to our smartphones and tablets with the developing technology, when watching the programs at home from their phones, their children cannot fully understand what they are doing with have to do.” He mentions that there is no activity that encourages reading a book, and he says they decided to stop following the phone and read from the book.

And in the words of our brother, after a while, if they buy a book and start reading, their children immediately pick up their own book and start reading. In this way a great step is taken towards the habit of reading.

Our children are our future. The question of how we’re going to be a sample-i-imtisal is really important. We wanted to share this event, which may be small but very important, in the hope that it will benefit us all.

We move on to this week’s letter.

The very valuable Madrasa-i Yusufiye team

First of all, we have received the Risale-i Nur collection you sent. We can’t thank you enough.

It was a blessing to me and other readers that it coincided with the holy month of Ramadan. We have been fortunate to have such beautiful books come to places like this where opportunities are limited. May God be pleased with you forever.

You will always be in my prayers for sending these beautiful works. And may God not allow a stone to touch your feet.

From the bottom of our hearts we congratulate you on your blessed Ramadan and the upcoming Night of Power and Eid al-Fitr. May Allah’s peace be upon you. amine…

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(I would like to thank my brothers who helped prepare the article. MO)

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