Watch the Lone Wolf April 22, watch the 13th episode of The Lone Wolf in full

Lone Wolf is on ATV with the 13th episode. Watch the 13th episode of The Lone Wolf airing Friday nights on Youtube only.

lone wolf in the last part; Dogan, whose home was raided by Bevar, takes action to pay Bevar back in return.

Sare and his team find themselves in an unrelenting conflict with the American soldiers. It seems difficult for Sare and her team, who are very few, to resolve this conflict. Nizam, who has kidnapped the son of the Turkmen leader Şanver, corners Şanver and blackmails him into doing what he wants.

Viking, on the other hand, pleads with Şanver to maintain his loyalty to the Turkish state and promises to save his son from Nizam. Impressed by Kurdoğlu’s firm stance alongside Doğan, Bevar prepares a good offer to lure him to his side. In the war for supremacy between Bevar and Doğan, the balance is changing.

Doğan is taking action to show everyone that he has the power. Will Sare and her team survive the conflict with the American soldiers? Will Viking be able to save Şanver’s son from Nizam? What will Bevar’s offer to Kurdoğlu be? Who will be the victor in the battle for supremacy between Bevar and Doğan?

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