Ana De Armas prepares to play Marilyn Monroe: The hardest role I’ve ever played

Last time Daniel Craig James Bondhe revived no time to die Cuban actor who hit the agenda with the film (No Time to Die). Ana de Armas, Marilyn Monroeit will revive blond He made some notable statements about the film.

The 33-year-old star will speak about the life of the Hollywood star-turned-icon in the 1950s. blond “It’s the most difficult role I’ve played as an actor,” he said of the film.


sit in the director’s chair Andrew Dominic uses the phrase “suitable for the unloved children of the world” for the film “Kultfilme”Citizen Kane’ and ‘wild bullHe stated that he had a history in between.


Armas said, “It took me a year to prepare for this role with my research and my accent. We worked with the director for months. It was a set that lasted 3 months, we had a crazy schedule.”


blond The actor stressed that filming the film was the best experience of his life, saying, “It’s a very special film. Andrew is one of the best directors I’ve ever worked with.”

no time to die

no time to die

Marilyn Monroe During his preparation for the role no time to die The actor who starred in the film stated that he had 10 days to prepare for the role of an agent. daniel craig’with an injury blond Returning to the set, the actress shared that she played two different roles during a very complex time.

Joyce Carol Oates‘from Blof course For the film adaptation of her novel, the author shared that she appreciates the fact that a male director made a film with such a feminist interpretation.

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