Damla Sönmez spoke about her love life

Damla Sönmez, who began her acting career at the age of 16 while studying piano and violin, worked in St. After graduating from Joseph French High School, he began his theater studies at the Sorbonne University in Paris and completed them at the theater department of the Yeditepe -University from. The beautiful actress, who has starred in popular TV series like Night and Day, A Love Story, The War of the Roses and The Pit, attended her close friend’s play Feramuz Pis. in Uskudar the evening before. Sönmez did not break the reporter’s request for an interview at the exit.

Sonmez, who plays Dilruba in the drama Aziz, said, “I saw a very good play, I recommend it to everyone. The sentence continues. I miss the theater so much. Maybe there will be something about theater in the new season. Interest in theater has been enormous lately. it makes me so happy Experiencing the theater stage is something else, I hope it continues.”

“Have you any plans for the vacation?” When asked, the famous actress replied: “Let’s see, I prefer quiet places. My plans are evolving at the moment, but I don’t have any holiday plans at the moment.”

“You had an explanation that I would not forgive the lie. When asked “Is there a lie you haven’t told yet?” Sönmez laughed and said, “I’m running away now, friends.”

When asked “Is there someone in your life?” Damla Sönmez said, “It seems to me we can’t escape you if something doesn’t exist.” When asked, “Do you have any criteria in love?” he simply replied, ” friends let me go now You will not get answers to these questions from me. Good luck to you.”

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