Do flowers bloom in the eyes of death?

In the hustle and bustle of the world, life sometimes treats some of us stingily, and sometimes it turns our hearts into a paradise of music and poetry. But the never-ending symphony of death and love on earth never leaves us alone…

And the ‘secret sacrifice’ fire of love Novalis‘from “Honor of the Night”at the, HolderlinIn the lines drawn to madness BeethovenIn the 9th symphony of MozartIn the 40th symphony of Itriin the Mevlevi ritual Bessy SmithIt burns forever in the divinely flavored blues

Even if it seems confusing at first glance, it is probably due to the emotional intensification that the great German poet is experiencing these days on the occasion of Ramadan. NovalisReading the poems of Bessy SmithI hear the blues from

NovalisHis poetry flows so deeply that his lines are filled with luminous worlds deep in the sky. But at the same time he is drawn to his death and extraordinary flowers bloom in his lines…

/ Desire for death

Now to the light, to the womb of the earth,

away from the lands of light,

They are signs of a joyful journey

Anger and wild blows of pain.

We arrive quickly in a small boat

To the shores of heaven.

Blessed are you, o endless night,

Blessed are you, everlasting sleep./

Herman Hessefrom, NovalisThe following statements about his magical relationship to death are significant: “Holderlin and Nietzsche are drawn to madness when life is no longer possible for them, Novalis is drawn to death; but this is not a suicidal death, too often and violently imposed on genius; Novalis intentionally burns himself from the inside.” (Praise of the Night, p.13)

I always hear his songs with sadness from his magical voice. Bessy SmithWith Novalis Of course, I don’t want to create an artistic connection between them. But just in case Novalis Why in my head when I read poetry Bessy Smith I must find an answer to the awakening desire to listen. Maybe there is an answer; as known Bessy SmithAt the height of apartheid in America he was taken to a white hospital where he bled to death on the steps of that white hospital which refused to treat black people.

Whenever I remember this event, I always have storms and tantrums inside me, but what can we do to change the dark side of humanity. Who knows, maybe poets and musicians are close relatives afraid to scare death and love maybe Novalis‘from “The gods are wrapped in the veils of night. The night was the mighty womb of revelations – Then the gods returned -“ They return to death and love as in their verses …

Of course, it’s not possible to ignore the pain by resetting history and starting life anew, but Bessy Smith You can listen to a blues empress like this forever. As his fans listened to him, they felt like they were in a religious ritual, and when they got to the end of the blues, ‘amine’ They called.

Singers of modern hymns Mahalia Jackson“Blues speaks of lost love, happiness, freedom and human dignity,” he says. Probably blacksmithIt was the same sense of freedom and rebellion that fueled the deep sadness hidden in the harshness and hoarseness of his voice. Because he sang the songs of a people who had lived in slavery for centuries, but he managed to preserve his majesty without casting a single melancholy shadow on his songs.

Louis Armstrong, Bessy SmithHe uses the following expressions when analyzing the music and spirit world of: “When she started singing, she got me in my deepest part. No other blues singer has the style to pull out a note with that sure-footed expression in his voice. Music was in the depths of his soul. He felt everything she said. The sincerity in his music was a godsend.” (Joachim E. Berendt, The Jazz Book, p.95)

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