Have you ever cried after a drama was over?

When a TV show you’re watching or a book you’re reading ends, the characters that came into your life and were a part of your life for a while also leave without asking you.

You just stay behind…

I’m writing this article at just such a moment… At each end I feel a little empty, like I’m alone with my feelings. These endings make me a little sad.

As a child, I remember not liking being separated from those I loved very much either; I wish they hadn’t gone. I even remember crying behind her back…

I think that’s the state of not getting enough of the things I love, not being able to let go of them.

One of the BBC’s hit series last week”the split”I started watching. They released the new episode on BBC iPlayer in early April. As I prepared to explore “Oh, Something New…” I saw that the show is old, but the third season just aired.

It caught my attention, I watched all the episodes one by one. Each season is 6 episodes long, each lasting about an hour. Do the math… 18 hours in total.

I couldn’t stop myself from looking at them all at once.

I didn’t want it to end and I couldn’t stop watching it because I was very curious about the ending.

After I finished the series, a strange sadness came over me. I wanted to say, “How so? I wasn’t ready to leave yet! Why did you leave now and left me in such a mood…”

And not being able to see those characters again made me sad.

Wanting to run and think a little, I immediately threw myself onto the street. As I walked, I tried to understand why this series had such an impact on me.

“The Cleavage”

This series is for BBC One. Brother Morgan An English production written and adapted from The BBC series I have seen so far have never disappointed me.

normal peopleFor example, I still can’t forget…

It’s way above standard with its script and cast.

In the main role Hanna play the character Nicholas Walkeris an artist with many years of TV series and theater experience.

Soap opera, Law Firm Defee and it starts with the cases around him.

Ruth Defee (Deborah Findlay) is the founder of the company, works with her two daughters. This is a family business.

Hannah and her mother Ruth are two strong female characters in the family.

The female characters in the series are very strong. Nobody is in the role of a lame woman. I think that’s another reason why I don’t like the series.

The main role is played by Nicola Walker. She plays in the series Hannah, a very successful lawyer.

She is hardworking, devoted to her family, tidying up her surroundings and speaking a little but succinctly. He is a very attractive person who loves life, colorful, fun, calm and able to take risks when necessary. She is also a wonderful mother. He has three children. He also has what appears to be a happy relationship with his wife, Nathan.

of the Defoe family Other women are just normal women that we can meet in life.

All characters are real life; they are all the kind of characters that our close friends, spouses, friends can be. Nobody is idealized. All characters have strengths and weaknesses. This way you can watch the series with a different taste.

Ruth (mother), abandoned by her husband, is raising her three daughters alone. He’s a great strategist in business, but we see that even the greatest strategists can make mistakes in their own lives.

middle daughter Nina Defee (Annabel Scholey) is also a lawyer and works with her mother.

But she can’t achieve what she wants either professionally or personally… Little girl rose defee (Fiona Button) is a very likeable, affectionate guy. But he’s on his own; It has nothing to do with a businesswoman, she loves children.

Apart from these characters, there are two important male characters. Someone is Hannah’s husband Nathan Stern (Stephen Mangan) and colleague (also ex-girlfriend, true love) Christie (Barry Atama) Hannah’s successful business and family life is turned upside down when her ex-girlfriend Christie returns to London.

Of course, I don’t want to tell you the whole series, but the characters here experience what we all go through in our real lives.

Cheating, being cheated on, weary marital relationships, life responsibilities, children, lives that have changed over the years… they are all present on the show.

When you start managing something with your heart instead of your mind, you see how easy it is to make mistakes. I don’t know if it’s good or bad that emotions take over, but it’s scary.

Watching these episodes of the series is like free therapy.

defense Women come out by learning lessons from the pain they’re going through. They always listen and hug each other without judgment. They become sad, they suffer, they lose, but in the end they move on stronger than before.

The dialogues between them are extraordinary. Sometimes I even paused the screen and took notes.

It’s important to learn from mistakes, but I think it’s more important to be able to act compassionately without judging yourself. First we need to understand why we make mistakes. Otherwise, I think it’s impossible not to experience the same mistakes and unhappiness.

In addition to the main characters, new characters enter the series in each episode. The themes are essentially the ending marriage stories and the strained relationships experienced during this time. Or the tensions that arise between the couples as a result of the marriage contract. The brutal struggles people go through when they begin their married life and end it with what they went through together.

If, like me, you are interested in analyzing human characters and are trying to turn a new page in your life or improve your current relationship, you should definitely “The Cleavage“I recommend you check it out. You will not regret it …

Because it can be good for you to see things that you can’t even put into perspective through a TV series.

I think I looked to the character of Hannah as my mentor throughout the series. So I couldn’t accept leaving him when the show was over.

Stay healthy…

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