I was harassed by a man on the bus

Singer Songul Karli, “Anything interesting happened to you in the van?” He answered the question “He didn’t come by van, he came by bus. One day, as I was getting on the bus with my mother, I was harassed by a man standing behind me. When my mother saw this, my mother kicked and punched the man on the bus. In the past, in such situations, one was embarrassed and remained silent instead of reacting. My mother was not silent.” called.

48-year-old singer “Now people are more aware and courageous, they can speak up and react. The impact of social media is enormous. In the past people didn’t speak up, even if they saw something like that, they ignored it. Now people protect each other and support each other in situations like this.” the sentences used.

“I will have my bikini photos deleted”

“Are there any preparations for the summer? Will you share bikini photos?” famous singer, “I have no such preparation. It’s not nice anymore, I will also delete all my previously published bikini photos.” he answered.

Songül Karlı, who actively uses social media and occasionally makes a name for herself with her confident posts, “It’s not about wearing a bikini or not. Of course we wear it on vacation, but I no longer want my bikini photos to be published on my behalf. Young people should dress how they want, it suits them very well. Everything is beautiful in its time” made the statement.

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