Kadir Doğulu denied allegations that he had an imam marriage to Serra Arıtürk and made her pregnant

In 2016, Kadir Doğulu, sitting on the wedding table with the beautiful actress Neslihan Atagül, was remembered with Serra Arıtürk, her co-star in the series Aşkın Tarifi, which made it to the finals. It has been claimed that Doğulu and Arıtürk, previously accused of forbidden love, were married to an imam and even Arıtürk was pregnant.

“May God help the person who made the news”

The first statement after the ugly claim came from Kadir Doğulu. Kadir Doğulu, who previously denied the forbidden love claim with Serra Arıtürk, was seen leaving the place where he had celebrated his birthday with his wife the night before. Talking to the press representatives waiting for him, Doğulu also clarified the marriage and children news about him. Kadir Doğulu, 40, who firmly denied the allegations, accused him of saying: “May Allah help the person who made this message. Don’t ask the person who wrote this message to me.”

Response to Kadir Doğulu's Serra Arıtürk allegations!

Response to Kadir Doğulu's Serra Arıtürk allegations!

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