Never miss the books in your bag, on your desk

President Recep Tayyip Erdoganin the Central Library of the Municipality of Fatih.Young projects in FatihHe began his speech at the opening of the program “I congratulate your Ramadan-i Sharif, whose head is mercy, whose middle is forgiveness and whose end is salvation from eternal torment.”

Wishing the blessings of Ramadan, which came at a time when the whole world, especially our region, needed peace, peace, justice and compassion in all fields, Erdoğan wished the blessings of Ramadan to be upon all mankind, Erdoğan said that they came together, to inaugurate the 13 libraries and youth and sports centers that the Municipality of Fatih has brought to the district. Noting that the libraries can provide a total of 1,800 people with 150,000 books, Erdoğan said young people benefit greatly from the facilities of the libraries, which serve 120,000 students every month.

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Explaining that they jointly launched the libraries, all of which had been prepared during the epidemic, today, Erdoğan said: “We praise it With the hymn for reading, these libraries almost allow our young people now, from seven to seventy.” read. I congratulate our mayor and everyone who helped to prepare the project. he said.

Erdoğan stressed that Fatih Municipality’s services are not limited to this, and continued:

“A wide range of services are offered within the Zeyrek Academy, from photography to reading Ottoman Turkish and miniatures. Madrasa Davut Pasha is in the service of graduate and graduate students. In Science Fatih, on the other hand, activities that will open the horizons of 33,000 students were carried out with its workshops. In addition, nine different sports activities were carried out. “Our youth center has received the infrastructure in which they can develop in many areas. I wish the same for all work and services that benefit our Istanbul, especially our Fatih district.”

“By restoring Rami Barracks, we will bring a much larger library to Istanbul”

Expressing his congratulations to the mayor and his team who brought these works to the district, Erdoğan said: “Dear youth, you know that we have put Turkey’s largest library into operation in the Presidential Complex in Ankara. Our national library serves our youth and researchers day and night. I’m happy to see it working like a beehive,” he said.

Noting that by restoring Rami Barracks they will bring a much larger capacity library to Istanbul, Erdogan said: “I see the libraries, youth centers, workshops, courses opened by our communities as the capillaries of this great cultural and civilizing one changes spreading to the neighborhoods. From malls to airports to trains. What is also pleasing is that libraries are widespread everywhere, from train stations to bus stations.”

President Erdoğan stated that e-book applications are also becoming increasingly popular.

“All schools are equipped with libraries”

President Erdoğan explained that the Ministry of National Education has equipped all schools with libraries with the project “There will be no school without a library”.

Erdogan said that while attempts are being made to show the opposite, studies indicate that both the number of books published per capita and the reading rate are increasing in Turkey. They explained that in their youth there were no good libraries and sports centers that everyone could easily reach and benefit from, and that they were a generation that carried on with their school life, learning to sit exams wherever they could prepared and tried to satisfy their reading Curiously, Erdoğan said: “Nevertheless, we continued our efforts to develop both our educational life and ourselves intellectually, working with determination and self-sacrifice. We were really striving to protect our country, our civilization values and to understand the world with theirs.” history and culture. I see that they were all pioneered by this generation that raised themselves in difficult conditions,” he said.

Social media and e-commerce platform regulations

President Erdoğan explained that the young people are really lucky in terms of financial infrastructure and technological opportunities, but that these opportunities also make their work more difficult due to the risk of distraction.

Erdoğan pointed out that in addition to the conveniences that social media offer, internet channels, especially social media, also contain threats that will engulf and destroy anything that falls into it like a swamp if not used properly, prudently and consciously , Erdoğan continued:

“Serious regulations have been put in place in many parts of the world, particularly the United States and the European Union, particularly on social media and e-commerce platforms. In Turkey, we have started preparations for similar studies to protect the future of all our citizens, especially our youth.” In this context, at the beginning of last week, at a forum we organized as the AK Party, we raised questions about digital culture, the digital economy and digital law, social media and e-commerce platforms that lack a legal infrastructure far outweigh the concerns and concerns in this regard. We will take the necessary precautions as soon as possible.”

Advice from Erdogan to young people

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan stressed that digitization, no matter how widespread, cannot and should not replace the world immersed in stepping onto the cover of a book. Emphasizing that no digital medium can replace sporting performance, Erdoğan made the following suggestions to the youngsters:

“To do this, we want our young people to stay connected to real life, using the internet, social media and similar areas. For example, never leave the printed books in your bag or on your desk. Make time to exercise regularly every day. A chat over a brewed tea or a nice aromatic coffee.” Never neglect the conviviality it entails. Start with your immediate environment, force your conditions, travel our country with all its cities, see the world if you have the opportunity to learn about other cultures. In doing so, you will see that other possibilities and other channels open up other worlds in front of you and bring you completely different benefits.”

Erdoğan congratulated Mayor Mehmet Ergün Turan and his team and wished that the libraries, youth centers and sports halls of Fatih Municipality, as well as other works and services that they have officially opened, will benefit all of Istanbul, especially the Fatih district.

Erdogan, who took a souvenir photo with the students after his speeches, announced that he would call Russian President Vladimir Putin at 4 p.m.

Erdogan received information from students

Erdoğan connected live with the students of Cerrahpaşa Library, one of Fatih Municipality’s 25 projects, and received information from Kübra Kırmızıtaş, who is in charge of the library. When asked about the treats offered to the students, Erdogan said: “Friday’s offer is probably different. As you can see, our students, boys and girls, are studying very well right now. They read their books and learn. Congratulations.”

After connecting to the Canoeing and Rowing Center after the library, Erdogan received information from the canoe instructor about the content of the lesson and congratulated the team members along with their instructors after watching footage of people canoeing in the Golden Horn.

Finally, Erdogan, who was affiliated with the Madrasa Davutpaşa of Fatih Municipality, cut the ribbon after greeting the students.

President Erdoğan sat in the library with the students in the lecture hall during the program.

Citizens gathered in front of the community center and followed the program on the big screen. Erdoğan greeted the citizens who showed him love in front of the congregation and chatted with some of them.

Youth and Sports Minister Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlu and Fatih Mayor Ergün Turan also gave speeches on the program. The promotional video of “Young Projects in Fatih” was also shown in the program.

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