The first play, “The Time of the Disappearance of the Cats”, written by Behiç Ak, has its world premiere today.

The first of the Game and Workshop Unit productions is The Season of the Disappearance of Cats, directed by Güray Dinçol and written by Behiç Ak! The play will premiere today at 5 p.m. at the IBB Fatih Ali Amiri Efendi Cultural Center.

The Season of the Disappearance of Cats is based on the story by Behiç Ak and directed by Güray Dinçol. It is the first track of this season. At the game; Sema Çeker, Enise Gül Yıldırım, Aslı Yiğit, Sinem Yoldaş, Sarin Karadaş, Orkun Sarialioğlu, Ömer Yıldırım, Orkun Ceyhun Özkan, Engin Kut star. The game’s decor and costume design is by Ahsen Nur Yaman, and the music is by Burçak Çöllü.


Figen Ayhan Karakelle, IMM culture department coordinator, whom we asked about the details of this formation, said: “The play and workshop unit was established in March. This entity was created in many places where the IMM touched the public, such as: B. Neighborhood houses, kindergartens, centers for the handicapped to expand the opportunities for the public to encounter art. Here we can say that our focus is more on children and women. At the same time, our other focus is; we can consider it as the creation of an internal resource to meet the artistic and cultural expectations and demands of both the districts in Istanbul and the surrounding provinces of IMM. This unit will stage plays 1-2 times a year.”

The program includes plays for children or plays for adults prepared by young Turkish directors and creatives, as well as works by Turkish writers.

Stressing that the established team, as the name suggests, Karakelle is not just a formation formed to perform plays, Karakelle said: “Unity is at the heart of art, creativity, creative thinking and imagination, viz on the one hand , with violence against women, abuse, environmental awareness, it was created to bring the people of Istanbul together by setting up workshops that can raise awareness of various issues related to the culture of reading.”


The Games and Workshop Unit of the Directorate of Cultural Activities was formed from the staff selected from the existing staff of the Directorate to develop games, activities and projects for all children, women and disadvantaged groups living in Istanbul. All events will be free.

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