The prizes of the Seljuk Municipality Book Reading and Painting Competition went to their owners.

The “8th Online Book Reading Contest and Life Fits in Picture Book Contest, which draws wide attention from all age groups in Konya’s central Selçuklu community,…

The prices of the “8. Online Reading Contest” and “Life Fits in a Picture Book”, which attracted great interest from all ages in Konya’s central Selçuklu Municipality, found their owners.

The awards of the “8th Book Reading Competition”, which aims to make book reading a habit for children and adults, and the “Life Fits in the Picture Book” competition, organized by Selçuklu Municipality to help children and young people spend time young Spending people in front of the screen and gaining new horizons for life, their owners were found at the ceremony in the Selçuklu Congress Center. Stressing that the priority of children is high in the works carried out by Selçuklu Municipality, Mayor Ahmet Pekyatımcı said: “Today, to carry out the awards ceremony of our two valuable competition programs, which our children, especially our youth, and our fellow citizens from all ages showed great interest and has become traditional and on this occasion we came together on April 23 to celebrate our National Sovereignty and Children’s Day.I sincerely congratulate our children who are the guarantor of our future, the only Children’s Day in the world . Our work generally consists in touching the secure future of our children, paving the way for our youth to build a prosperous society. We meet with our children and youth in every environment and I see it with our eyes. We will never be left behind on the road to a developing and producing Turkey, our future is in safe hands. We have full faith in our children and youth alhamdulillah. They have continued to improve in better opportunities and environments. We are working hard to help you achieve this, and we expect you to do the same. I want to express my joy to be with you on this special day. We commemorate with respect Gazi Mustafa Kemal Ataturk who fought for our country’s sovereignty and wish mercy to all our martyrs and veterans who made our homeland a Turkish homeland.”

“Our goal is to prepare our children well for the future”

President Pekyatımcı stated that they aim to best prepare children for the future with the educational activities in Selçuklu, saying, “We have our 8 themes and ended with our educators who are affiliated with our National Directorate of Education. Congratulations to our 10 book loving citizens who won the place in our book reading contest. There were 2,520 applications for our competition program, the total cost of which was 150,000 Turkish Liras, and 910 people participated in the competition. Our competition books were based on Seljuk civilization and urban culture. Books are our best friend on the path to lifelong learning. We are holding our traditional book reading competition, which we have organized for the 8th time, with the aim of sensitizing our children, young people and adult compatriots to reading books, introducing them to the rich world of words, encouraging them to do research and encourage them to think analytically to empower. We continue to offer you comfort. Our libraries within Selçuklu Municipality have books that appeal to our fellow citizens of all ages. We see it as our duty to contribute to the cultural fabric of our city with our more than 600,000 books in our 98 libraries and the socio-cultural activities of our libraries. We keep our libraries up to date by adding new publications every year. We take care of sustainable librarianship and provide the necessary resources for this. Our activities for our children and young people, heirs of our civilization, continue unabated. Our extracurricular learning environments are of great importance in this context. In our Sille nature school, our children meet and discover nature. In our art and design workshop, our students engage with art and develop their manual skills. In our traffic education park, our children acquire traffic morale and awareness. Kindergarten and primary school children encounter high-quality books from our children’s library and learn in a playful way. In our Selcuklu Development and Technology Academy, which we will be opening shortly, our children and young people will be involved in research and questioning in production and follow developments in technology and innovation in a total of 12 workshops. Our children, who spend time in a spiritual atmosphere in our children’s school in our Hatice Hatun Kulliye, continue their education by participating in religious and scientific programs. With our Distance Support Training Centers we continue our work with the services we offer to our youth who are looking for free internet tablet support and a peaceful learning environment during the pandemic period. In our Selçuklu Municipality Art Academy, which is another of our activities, many of our children and fellow citizens are trained in personal development, music and performing arts. For a generation that has full self-confidence and is able to express itself well, our art school has continued its services since the beginning with the intense interest of our people.”

“With our painting competition we helped our children to develop their imagination”

President Pekyatımcı stated that everything starts with dreams and that they contribute to children’s development with the painting competition on this theme, saying, “Our other program, “Life fits in the picture book”, we organized our painting competition to make this possible our children and young people to reflect their feelings and thoughts with colors on paper and to develop their imagination. Our competition program, the cost of which is 1 million 250 thousand Turkish Lira, was planned in three categories with different themes their picture books and painting bags with their paints from the institutions in their neighborhood delivered their beautiful painting work there safely, thousands of our children and youth applied, 845 participants submitted their pictures and took part in the jury evaluation. We will be delivering our prizes to the participating participants shortly. Today we will present our 53 prizes to our best contestants and we will mail their prizes to our 47 contestants who won an exhibition prize in our painting competition. Congratulations to our children who have won awards in two of our special competitions; I wish you to always keep your attachment to books and your love for art to convey your feelings and thoughts with colors. We’ll take care of you, we’ll see you in these chairs in the future. Until we give you that trust, together with our teammates, we will try our best to work for you. I embrace you, our precious children, who are the guarantor of our future, with love and affection. I want to thank our protocol committee and our precious families for not leaving us here today,” he said.

“Our youth in Seljuks is closely linked to art and culture”

Mustafa Hakan Özer, District Chairman of Selçuklu AK Party, began his speech celebrating the National Sovereignty and Children’s Day of all children on April 23: “Social and cultural activities in Seljuks continue without slowing down. As our President said, we witness more than one event every week. Our days and evenings are full. Both literature and art and visual arts are the most important indicators of a developed society. Therefore, breaking free from the traps and confusion of this virtual world is very important, especially for young people, and to bring them together with the beauties of our real world, I thank our President and his team for that. I thank him for his work and dedication to this matter.”

After the speeches, the winners of the “8th Online Book Reading Competition consisting of two categories and Life Fits in Picture Book Competition consisting of three categories presented by Selçuklu Mayor Ahmet Pekyatımcı and other protocol members. The ceremony ended with a group photo shoot for all participants and the day’s memoirs.

Ahmet Pekyatımcı, Mayor of Selçuklu, AK Party Provincial Executive, Asuman Autor, Seljuk District AK Party Chair Mustafa Hakan Özer, MHP Selçuklu District Chair Süleyman Savran, Selçuklu District Women’s Section Chair of AK Party Özlem Yılmaz, Members of Seljuk Organization of AK Party, Selçuklu Association Chairman Mustafa Avcıoğlu, members of Selçuklu Municipal Council and guests attended.

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