The tunnel excavated in the historical hill settlement of Kayaşehir will be opened for tourism

In the historical rock settlement of Kayaşehir in Nevşehir, the 186-meter-long tunnel, which has been cleaned since 2015, will open to visitors from the first week of May.

The discovery of new areas continues in Kayaşehir, some parts of which were opened for tourism in July 2020 after years of cleaning and restoration work accidentally discovered during the urban transformation works carried out in 2014.

Those who visit the area, which has been declared a third-degree archaeological site by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and where there are churches carved into the rock, many rooms and animal shelters, will have a different experience as they pass through the long go tunnels carved out of the rock.


Nevşehir Mayor Mehmet Savran stated that Kayaşehir is an area that bears traces of life from the 6th century to the present day and that it could become an important tourism destination in the near future.

Savran noted that exciting new insights are emerging as studies in this area progress, Savran said:

“Kayaşehir is expanding with new discoveries. This is a place open to discovery over time, there are places and tunnels that have not yet been opened but that we know exist. The newly opened tunnel will also become navigable and Kayaşehir will be an underground city that can be entered from the runway. It will make a significant contribution to tourism. All of Kayasehir. If it emerges, it will become a unique tourist destination.”

Archaeologist Semih Istanbulluoğlu, who is in charge of the work being carried out in the area, explained that Kayaşehir, which was used as a habitat for people in the past, is different from the underground cities in the region.


Istanbulluoğlu said he believes the tunnel added to the sections open to visitors in Kayaşehir will attract tourists’ attention, saying that it is wide enough for one person to easily walk inside.

Istanbulluoğlu said, “Here, in addition to the areas where all the formations, people and animals continue their daily lives in an underground city, there is a water tunnel 186 meters long. This is an area that we have started opening up since 2015. The tunnel has completed reinforcement work. It is also in the tourism season. It will be open to visitors,” he said.

Istanbulluoğlu stated that they solved the lighting and static problems in the tunnel:

“We prepared it for an exciting tour. We applaud the masters of this time. There is a tremendous amount of work ahead of us. These are places that have been used for centuries. These are places that have been used for centuries never deformed. During a long period of time, 25 to 30 workers emptied the earth inside and created oil lamp works on the wall without damaging the floor. “We uncovered it without even tearing it down Fairy Chimneys. There are places with almost a thousand rooms inside that open horizontally in the form of a hilltop settlement as you enter. The typical understanding of other underground cities goes back, but this place has a different concept.

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