Top 5 Zombie Movie Recommendations For Those Who Say “What Should I Watch This Weekend”

Do you like watching zombie movies? We have written for you the 5 best horror movies decided by the walking dead.

1. Busan Train (Busanhaeng/2016) IMDB 7.6

Seok-Woo agrees to take his daughter by train from Seoul to his mother in Busan. But what should have been an easy father-daughter journey turns to hell when a virus of unknown origin spreads rapidly throughout the train, turning victims into zombies in a fast and frightening manner. Despite the carnage, the film excels at depicting heartbreaking human consequences!

2nd World War Z (WWII Z/2013) IMDB 7.0

How about a zombie movie starring Brad Pitt? Former United Nations owner Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) races against the time in a demi-world to stop a zombie epidemic that has toppled armies and threatens to annihilate humanity. “World War Z” was the highest-grossing film of Pitt’s career at the time!

3. After 28 days (28 days later…/2002) IMDB 7.5

The film follows survivors 28 days after a viral epidemic has struck Britain with a serious and terminal illness, leaving its hosts in a state of constant aggression and uncontrollable anger. Danny Boyle’s dynamic and visionary approach to zombie horror is downright racist.

4. Mezarc (Dellamorte Dellamore/1994) IMDB 7.1

Michele Soavi’s true gothic film tells of a routine in which a man who takes it in a graveyard has to kill the dead a second time as they turn into zombies. But sometimes things don’t go as planned because cemetery worker Francesco soon finds himself being hunted by the living in ways he never could have foreseen. This film is the most original, poetic and artistic example of the zombie concept ever made!

5. llerin afa (Dawn of the Dead/1978) IMDB 7.9

Largely set in the Monroeville Shopping Center outside of Pittsburgh, Beyond the Dead is a fascinating classic, a zombie apocalypse that sweeps the world and serves as the delivery mechanism for harsh criticism of American capitalism, in which the mouth, of course, accompanies the carnage!

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