A musical feast accompanied by the nature of Hakkari

Spring, albeit late, has arrived in Hakkari, where the winter months are harsh. Artist Kemal Çiftçi from Hakkari gave a musical festival accompanied by nature.


Spring has arrived in Hakkari where the winter months are harsh. nature awoke. While the high peaks of the mountains and the northern slopes were covered with snow, the southern slopes were in bloom.

On the city’s high peaks, where the barracks and the spring are intertwined, the mountains greet the spring as the water seeping through the mountains enthusiastically begins to flow as the snow water melts.

Journalists taking a small tour to the villages of Durankaya, Geçitli and Kaval drew attention to the snowy peaks of Hakkari, accompanied by the Kurdish music of Kemal Çiftçi.

Drawing attention to Hakkari’s natural beauties, President of Journalists Association Hakan Taş welcomed May in the last days of April, saying that the deep blue sky and mountains with snow on one side and blooming spring flowers create a great view.

Taş said, “This is Hakkari, not a European country,” saying that the Hakkari mountains stood arm in arm and stood at the Halay.

Mayor Taş drew attention to the city’s tourism potential, saying, “We all have beauties that will decorate the mountains, the daffodil flower that belongs to us, the inverted tulip, in a word, that will greatly affect domestic and foreign tourism Everyone comes to Hakkari with one tear, but two tears when they leave. He said: “There is real life here. It is pure white snow like our feelings every season, with natural beauties that can host domestic and foreign tourism. This is Hakkari. Hakkari is my love.”

Kemal Çiftçi, one of the first singers in the city to incorporate the nature and life of Hakkari into his music, sang local Kurdish songs on the snow-capped peaks and the famous Kaval waterfall.









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