Alone on the stage!

There is a trend that is developing after the pandemic: alone on stage! It’s not a special situation for us, besides, artists all over the world have experienced the same problem. During the pandemic, everyone stayed at home and did not work together. Artists were looking for a way to overcome boredom through producing and working. It’s easy for the painter, the writer, but what would those who produce the performing arts do? Looking at the productions, it becomes clear that they also produced one-man plays. You get the lines and memorize them, you don’t have to be another actor, you can help out with the director now and then, and when the bans are over, the show is done! Check out the plays performed on stage only I saw five plays like The Wedding Singer, Who Killed My Father, Dust, Love and Quarantine, Letters of Maria Callas! There were others, but I didn’t say enough is enough for me! Player performance is good or bad. If I say single or even two people, if I say two people, I can multiply the above number by two, there are so many games currently on display. Furnishings are minimal. I think there was no situation during the pandemic to set up a decor in the house. The whole burden is on the player’s shoulders.


I have written some of the games listed above, I will not repeat them. I saw Love and Quarantine at the International Theater Festival in Adana by a Sri Lankan actress, Subuddhi Lakmadi. In contrast to other single-player games, I have to give his performance plus points: If he didn’t climb the rope ladder with one toe, if he didn’t dance on the pole on silk fabrics, if he didn’t say “Love, love, this body, this skin wants to be stroked become” while he was running around all the time! I didn’t expect such a bold, free and feminist game from Sri Lanka, but I really appreciated it in front of their ambassadors Protocol. We’ve gotten so used to bans and self-censorship lately! My last experience was the Monica Bellucci case. We all admire Monica, whom we know from the cinema, for her beauty and acting. We were all very excited because Monica came to Istanbul for a show. Interest was high, it was increased to two when a show was scheduled. Zorlu PSM’s Turkcell stage is packed to the third balcony. Monica comes out of the darkness in a black plain closed dress, her hair is very plain as far as I can tell. He sits on the sofa and hums the letters of Maria Callas. The show is in English. The hall is dark, the stage is dark, the artist’s voice is humming like a lullaby, more than half of the audience including me are fast asleep! This show could be in Touche, in the small intimate bar, you could see the artist up close and get in the mood, buy the tickets for 5,000 lira, who can come can sit and listen. I wonder what he was doing on the third balcony I think. There was little applause, it was because of our kindness, people rushed to the door to get some air and wake up! Don’t be sad for those who missed it, watch a movie, it’s more fun. Let the effects of this pandemic pass, let’s see what will happen in these stage works.

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