Amber Heard is said to have played his ex-wife Johnny Depp

35-year-old actress who was briefly married belongs to amber and 58 years old Johnny DeppDivorce proceedings, rather than marriages, attracted public attention.

Every aspect of the trial received extensive media coverage, and what both stars wore on their day of the trial, their state of mind and their responses to questions were analyzed on social media by a large following from around the world.

It was notable that Heard wore similar attire to Depp at previous hearings. So much so that the brooch Depp wore on April 11 and the one Heard preferred as an accessory at the April 13 hearing are nearly identical.

Some users say that Heard “confound” He believes that Depp consciously chose clothes that resembled the clothes he had previously worn.

Here are these photos:

Depp April 13 – Heard April 14

Depp April 11 – Heard April 12


Depp filed a lawsuit for damages, alleging damage to his reputation, following an article in which his ex-wife, Amber Heard, claimed she was a victim of domestic violence. The first hearing in the Virginia case, expected to last up to seven weeks, began April 12.

According to Turkish service BBC, Amber Heard’s defense team has heard of Depp’s case. “Destruction” identified as purposeful. Depp, 58, denied the abuse allegations and told his ex-wife 50 million dollars sued for damages. On the other hand, the 35-year-old Heard, who posed as the main victim, filed a counterclaim. 100 million dollars requested compensation.

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