Global literacy rate

According to the latest data, the global literacy rate is around 86 percent worldwide.

East Asia and the Pacific region has the highest literacy rate at around 95.7 percent, while Sub-Saharan Africa has the lowest literacy rate at around 65 percent.

While the global literacy rate will be 86 percent in 2021, European countries like Luxembourg, Norway and Andorra are among the places with the highest literacy rates, while countries like Guinea, Niger, Kiribati and Niue have the lowest rates.

female relationship

1 in 3 adults in Africa is illiterate. Of the more than 780 million illiterate adults worldwide, two-thirds are women.

On the Asian continent, India, China and Thailand are among the countries that spend the most time reading books. In Africa, on the other hand, the reading rate is lower than in Asia and Europe, and access to books is more difficult.

In South Africa, only 14 percent of the population read books, and more than 16 million South Africans do not own a single book.

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