He left music in 1998… The famous name now lives in America with his children!


Tuğçe San released her first self-titled album in 1996 which will bring techno music into the mainstream of Turkey. The moments when the artist danced with the python in the album’s lead song “Where Are You” were engraved in the memories.

“Hot from the Sun” and “Tempo” also caused a stir. But San’s signature was the opening song “Ha Ha Ha” where he laughed and said “Tuğçe San is coming, ha, ha”.

Tuğçe San describes the kind of family she grew up in:

“My parents come from Central Anatolia and the Black Sea. But they migrated to İzmir in their teenage years. I was born and raised in Izmir. We grew up with my 5 siblings in a very cozy, very happy, cheerful family. You have opened doors for our development. I noticed my voice when I was in elementary school. As we are a poor family my teacher would cover all my expenses and help me with folklore, choir and national holidays. This lasted until high school after elementary school. I was one of the leading figures in choir and folklore.”


The singer expresses his discovery story with these words:

“Nobody spotted me in Izmir, I tried to open a few doors for myself. Because the 80s were very difficult years. There was only TRT and no private TVs. At the weekend there would be rallies by the oil offices. It needed dancers. So I found Ogün Yıldırım’s dance group and said: “I dance very well, I must belong to you”. Then I started dancing at rallies. TRT had a program in Izmir. I was one of the dancers there. When I was 15, I appeared on my first show on TRT. After that I accompanied many artists like Mithat Körler and Nilüfer on tours. I turned pro in no time.”

They said Turkey wasn’t ready for my music

The event that changed Tuğçe San’s life moves to Germany in the early 90s:

“In the late 80’s we danced in clubs and hotels in places like Kuşadası, Çeşme, Bodrum. In one of the clubs where we programmed, I met a German promoter who said to me: “Why are you wasting yourself here? Come and see how it is lived in Europe… There are many more opportunities there,” he said. I also accepted his invitation. Within 3 months I found myself in Germany. I spent the first years of my adventure in Germany building a career. There, too, I was discovered very quickly. When I first went, I worked with the Turkish committee. Speaking of clubs, weddings, I had a lot of European friends back then. They were producers with studios. They spotted talented people very quickly.”


The artist delights in the offer of her friend, the producer of Studio 17, when she lived in Heidelberg to “sing it too”:

“My friend said, ‘Why don’t you present dance and music together?’ We have started the experiments. We combined it because I love techno and underground music. “You do extreme things. They said: “It’s too early for Turkey, don’t go to Turkey while even Europe is getting used to it”. I didn’t accept. I’m a bit of a dominant character. I’ve never been a coward. I think if I have to do good things, I have to take risks. From the moment I heard Sony Music was coming to Turkey, I sped up my work. I prepared about 5-6 sample songs and we came to Istanbul and presented them. The moment he listened to Sony Music, he said without fear: “Turkey may not be ready yet, but we will present it”. We made fearless music. We shot clips for big numbers. The snake!”


He left music in 1998... The famous name now lives in America with his children.

My mother’s love for snakes

Tuğçe San fearlessly confronts the camera with pythons in her song “Where are you”. San describes the idea of ​​the clip as follows:

“I told the director about my love for animals and my memories. I told him how much my mother loved snakes in the village house in Izmir. In those years we had snakes in our garden. My mother wasn’t afraid. They too were shocked. I think the inspiration came from here, they brought the boa and the python. The color of my eyes also reminded me of that. As I was shooting the video, a large snake wrapped itself around my neck. His skin was crispy. I felt it running down my throat and it was like ice… It wasn’t hard for me to dance with the snake. The more comfortable you are, the more comfortable they are. It took us about 18 hours to shoot it.”


Tuğçe San says she screamed when the clip was released:

“The clip was first broadcast on Kral TV. My boyfriend saw me on TV and called me screaming. It was the best feeling in the world. It was a very pleasant feeling. I was proud. I realized that my wars were not in vain. While everyone was trying to shoot you, I was stubborn as I said, “This isn’t going to work.” I said, ‘There it is, we did it’.”

He left music in 1998... The famous name now lives in America with his children.


Tuğçe San quit music after her album Continue Continue, which she released in 1998.
San explains the reasons for this as follows:
“There are various reasons. The first reason is financial difficulties in the 90s. I couldn’t earn albums. Since I have an extremely marginal image, the places to perform were also limited. Turkey wasn’t ready for that. I heard well ahead of me Noise. There was no place that suited my techno music and stage needs. The other reason I got married. I continued to stay in Germany and became a mother. My daughter was born and I moved to America when she was 2 years old old was.”


He left music in 1998... The famous name now lives in America with his children.

The story of “Tuğçe San is coming, ha ha ha”

Tuğçe San tells the origin story of the laughing saying “Tuğçe San is coming ha ha ha” in the song “Ha Ha Ha”:
“I am a very energetic person. Although I’m 50 now, wherever I go, ‘Tuğçe, this place has suddenly become bright. They say, “The energy is full when no one is speaking”. In those years I was even more energetic. That came out while we were singing and talking in the studio. Suddenly I said ‘Tuğçe San is coming, ha ha ha’. When my friends said, “No, that’s not going to happen,” I replied, “No, that’s going to happen.”

I see myself as a pioneer

“My songs were written by Aşkın Tuna and Özlem Tekin. I wanted to do something that doesn’t exist in Turkey. Techno music, dance, a marginal image, a dominant, strong woman… I saw myself as a pioneer. And my fearless way of dressing… I was different from Heskes.”

He left music in 1998... The famous name now lives in America with his children.

My children dance to my songs

“When my kids see my clips for the first time, their reaction is, ‘Mom, how can you leave this life, why did you leave? Your clip and song even speaks to us. I wish you would come back. They dance and show my songs to all their friends. My eyes are full of tears too…”

Janet Jackson’s dancer

Tuğçe San is also Janet Jackson’s dancer for a while:
“That was when I was working as a dancer in Germany. The scene on Janet Jackson’s tour of Germany had grown and some dancers had fallen ill. So new names were needed. That’s how we met. We danced together on the whole Germany tour. We had good memories. It was a time when I gained more confidence.”

He left music in 1998... The famous name now lives in America with his children.

Now there is a beauty center in America

Tuğçe San currently lives in America with her 2 children. The 50-year-old artist also owns a beauty center. San said, “I have a slightly less energetic life in America right now. I built myself a very nice village house and we live there. I own a beauty salon for aesthetics. I am a business woman in America. I have sport and dance in my life. My daughter goes to college and my son goes to high school,” she says.
The artist also says that he comes to Turkey for vacations: “After I finished my artistic career, I came every year, sometimes twice a year. My family lives here. I miss it. I miss the mountain, the water, the food, my friends in the art scene, the stage. I miss any taste of it.”

I miss the scenes so much

San: “Do you regret leaving the scenes?” He answers the question: “I miss the stage so much. That gave me energy. It was a completely different way of life. It smokes in my eyes. I can’t wait to go back. I wish there was a chance. We have Turkish friends who know me in America. Not being erased from memory is one of the things I’m most proud of. We have done very different and beautiful things. Our music was timeless. We are in the infrastructure of even contemporary music. I’ve seen very progressive things, also in terms of image…”

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