Jealousy crisis between Prince Harry and Prince William

Tina Brown, who has written biographical books on the British royal family, has written about the issue between Prince Harry and his older brother Prince William.

Royal biographer Tina Brown wrote about feuding princes in the British royal family.

Prince Harry, who officially left the royal family after marrying Meghan Markle, completely severed his ties and embarked on a new path for himself.

Prince, who settled in the United States with his wife Markle in 2020, announced that she would continue her life with various projects.

Allegedly, the two princes fell out before Meghan Markle joined the royal family. Royal biographer Tina Brown suggested that the two brothers had been in a rivalry for years and that Harry was jealous of William.

Crisis of Jealousy

Brown, who addresses these allegations in his book The Palace Papers, says the relationship between the two brothers was strained before Meghan Markle got involved in their lives, as they find themselves in a rivalry over their common interests in the royal family were.

Brown, “Frictions between the siblings escalated due to their professional lives. William knew his father had to respect hierarchy when it came to property, but he was less willing to go along with his brother.” says.

Jealousy crisis between Prince Harry and Prince William #1

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