My daughter asks ‘mom why are you wearing panties’

Işın Karaca made a new statement about Gülşen, who came up with her stage outfits on the agenda. Karaca, who was a guest on Page 2, said his earlier statement “I am a mother of a girl and I think she should act within a certain norm according to this country” was incompletely published.

In his statement, Işın Karaca said: “You already have art. Everything is allowed on stage, but this is not a show. Do you want to be remembered like this? 2 months. It’s easy to stay on the agenda like that.”


Continuing her speech, the famous singer commented: “Women can wear whatever they want. I was brought up in this country by great masters. The manners I learned there have changed here. I haven’t seen Sezen sit on anyone’s lap.”

Karaca also said the following about the “mother of the girl” statement: “I didn’t turn off the TV when my daughter saw it. She asks me why she’s dressed like that. Mom says why she has panties. Look at those Question asked by 10 year old girl I threw a rock and the rock I threw was correct.”

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