The abandoned village became the filmmakers’ darling: it looks like a horror movie set

Hacıömerli Village in Aliağa District of İzmir was almost deserted in 1970s due to the emigration of its residents due to the factories built in the area. In the village of Hacıömerli, which the villagers left to work in the factories built in the area, there lived about 10 people in 3 households, and the village became the favorite of the producers.

Suat Ural, head of Hacıömerli district, who said that the village was a center before it was abandoned, “In our village; There was an oil shop, a tailor, a grocery store, a blacksmith. Our village was in the location of a village where the surrounding villages did their shopping. 30 years after the migration of peoples began, the village was completely empty. After the village was abandoned, it attracted the attention of production companies. Some scenes of Seddülbahir 32 Hours, a Çanakkale period TV series, were filmed here. Later, horror films were also made.” called.


Explaining that they are not satisfied with the fact that the village is mentioned in horror films, Ural said: “Because it is deserted at night, the village looks like a horror film plateau. We are not happy with introducing the village in this way. The movie is not restored after shooting. They removed the streetlights and did not replace them. Then they make a horror movie because it’s dark,” he complained to the producers.


Halil Erkeçli, who said he lived in the village until he was 24, then left the village to work. “I came back here after I retired. I am a farmer in my village. One feels bitterness, but living conditions required it in those years. Our village was a nice place to live, but conditions were difficult. Neighborhood relations, manners and customs were very good” called.

Erkeçli said: “The horror film has nothing to promote the village”. “They made signs on houses and filmed in dark places. This has nothing to do with the village. They don’t show the beauties of the village. Instead of horror films, other films that highlight the beauties of the village can also be made.” submitted in the form.

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