These books are waiting for children

0-6 AGE

Two trees

There were two trees that flowered together every spring and leafed together every fall. One day the green land they lived on was sold and a very high wall was built between two trees. The two trees can no longer see each other. A high wall can exceed the height of two trees, but of course the power of true friendship cannot be overcome. Brami shows that in the face of life’s challenges, even a little hope is enough. And to overcome the wall, you have to grow…
Elisabeth Brami, Trans: Ersel Topraktepe (YKY)


Owl retired

Owl, the sole ruler of the Peace Forest, is growing old and contemplating retirement. However, they have concerns about whether the newly elected judge will be able to keep the peace in the forest. Let’s see how this change affects the forest dwellers. Dealing with responsibility, community life and communication; A heartfelt story that opens the horizon for children who are just learning to read…
River Benefit (Ithaki)


My siblings and I

“When I was just seven years old, a bright, always crying person entered my world. This little one is my brother. Being a big sister is a beautiful thing, even if it sometimes takes patience. I recently had a very exciting event and once again I realized how much I love my brother. I wanted to share this fun adventure with you.” This is a story your brothers, sisters and brothers will love.
Büşra Cakmak (Is Bank)


We all

Whenever you’re sad, impatient, excited, thinking you can’t achieve something, or when you’re overjoyed, you need to remember that there are others in the world who feel the same way you do. If you look at the fact that our feelings are common, if nothing else. Therefore, you should never forget that you are not alone. About the connecting power of emotions; with the author’s own drawings…
Gökçe İrten (born child)



Our little bird, Lulluna, wakes up a little dejected this morning. He doesn’t want to sing a happy song like he does every morning. He can’t even open his tiny eyelids all the way anyway. Will this new day for Lulluna be different and worse than ever? So are you ready to change your perspective with Lulluna? With the drawings of Gözde Eyce…
Mehtap Arat (ABM)


7-10 AGE

Hilda and the ghost ship

Ships disappear in Trolberg harbor and no one knows why. Our blue-haired heroine Hilda sets sail with the wooden man and Frida to solve this mysterious case. But on the island of Kazan they experience a nasty surprise. In addition, Trolberg is threatened with extinction. Hilda and her friends are trying to defeat a creature and save the city from a cataclysm. The fifth book in the series, illustrated by Sapo Lendario.
Stephen Davies, Trans: Asli E. Perker (New Book)


skunk and badger

Nobody likes skunks. No one in their right mind would allow a skunk to be brought into their home. But in our story, it’s not like that: Skunk moves in with Badger. The last thing Badger wants is to be disturbed, but it’s too late for that now. With the arrival of the skunk, Badger’s order is turned upside down. The book tells the friendship of two opposite characters who have to live together. Illustrated by Jon Klassen…
Amy Timberlake, Translator: Cenk Pamay (Domingo)


i am peace

Mindfulness means full focus on the present moment. Through mindfulness, children can learn to manage their emotions and make the right decisions. They can express their feelings by speaking. You can empathize with your imagination. A story from the creators of I Am Yoga about the principles of mindfulness that encourages children to breathe, taste, smell and be present.
Susan Verde, Peter H. Reynolds, Trans: Gökçe Yavaş (Gold)


Brave mouse Miika

Sometimes the greatest courage is to be yourself. Miika’s only concern is to belong somewhere, because she sometimes finds living with elves, trolls and fairies strange. Though he thinks his troubles will end when he befriends a mouse, it’s really just beginning… This is the story of a tiny mouse trying to find its place in a huge world. Written by Haig, creator of the Netflix film Nicolas, with illustrations by Chris Mold…
Matt Haig, Translator: Dawn Tahmaz (Pogo Boy)


Think flying hippo

Kutlucan Can, Dunya and Genç are three cousins ​​who live in the three-quarter family apartment. Despite their different personalities, these young people, who get along very well, one day get caught up in an adventure with the text “Don’t think about the flying hippopotamus” that they see in the house of their flatmate, KayDem. What does the writing on the wall mean? What is the reason for KayDem’s mysterious behavior? And who is the “Lonely Unicorn”?
Hanzade Servi (Red Cat)


11-14 YEARS

Warriors of the Lost Tide

Storm Warden’s IslandIn the sequel to Fionn Boyle finds himself at the center of the island’s struggle for survival. He is Arranmore’s Storm Warden when thousands of terrifying Ghost followers arrive on the island. But when the followers of the fearsome mage Morrigan arrive, Fionn doesn’t have the power to stop them. His spell has left him and his grandfather’s memory has deteriorated. Fionn has to trust her friends Shelby and Sam.
Catherine Doyle translated by Iren Kori (Ithaki)


Upside down: Transformation 1

Lenna Anderssen spent the first eight years of her life in Kardum, an upside-down world. Where there used to be sky, there is now land. Under his feet, where the earth should have been, a vast emptiness. The event called Transformation changed everything radically. But people also find a way to live in this upside-down world. The life of Lenna and her family is actually quite exciting and comfortable until the drinking water in Kardum runs out…
Vuokko Hurme, Trans: Nil Deniz Çidanlı (Can)


The distance between us and the cherry tree

Mafalda is a nine-year-old girl and she knows one thing: in the next six months she will completely lose her sight. But will she find her way in this seemingly dark future, going to school, playing soccer and taking care of her cat? With the help of her family and friends, Mafalda tries to figure out what’s important to her. He makes a list of things he can do even if he loses his sight. The author wrote inspired by his own life.
Paola Peretti, Trans: Esma Fethiye Güçlü (Young Timaş)


Erik Vogler and the Curse of the Abbey Castle

The series, which is a combination of crime and paranormal literature, continues with the third book. Erik Vogler thinks he’s taking a few days off from his father and grandmother. However, the unexpected death of his uncle Leonard leads him to a mysterious Irish castle where the terrible curse of the Lady of Louth Brianna is hidden. Everything that happened to them with Albert Zimmer indicates that they will face death in the crypt of Misty Abbey Castle.

Beatriz Oses, Trans: Zeynep Atbaş (information)



People act with their logic, our civilization is the product of our mind. What if not? What if we were in control of our emotions? What if the wars that have filled human history were the product of our uncontrolled emotions, not our minds? One day, Beril begins to see the colors surrounding people. It takes time to figure out what the colors mean. What he sees makes him realize that he needs to change. In search of his own path, he stumbles into a dangerous adventure… With Büşra Kaygın Gafarov’s drawings.
Birsen Ekim Özen (Young Timas)

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