Trabzonspor Match Reaction: I would break 3 TVs

The club’s reaction to Yaşar Kemal Uğurlu refereeing the game in Adana Demirspor that lost 3-1 to Trabzonspor in the 34th week of Super League continues. Akdeniz team boss Murat Sancak was unable to attend the stadium due to his suspension. Sancak made statements on his Twitter account after the game and made harsh statements about the referees.

Here are Murat Sancak’s statements from his social media account:

If I was in the stadium I would have broken 3 screens. Unfortunately I couldn’t break it because I was grounded. Besikta people, sorry. All of Turkey watched the theater. What can I say, now they are ready and waiting for the punishment. Things to say have been said. I’m waiting. I’m watching too. What will happen to these Yaşar Kemal Uğurlu and Özgür Yankaya? But nobody has any rights. It should be provoked, but our prudent fans did not come to this game thanks to them. They got stuck in their harvest, they couldn’t reach their goals. You know your stuff. All day they fought for their dignity, despite the shortcomings. Congratulations to my team.

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