App Store and Apple Music have service issues

It didn’t take long for Apple to get over the issues it’s been having with its services over the past few days as new complaints began pouring in. Users are also now facing issues with the App Store and Apple Music services.

Last month we reported that Apple’s services were crashing and there were problems accessing many services including iCloud, Maps and the App Store. Apple continues to come to the fore when it comes to user complaints and such service issues.

Apple, which has billions of users around the world, has been on the agenda this time with the problems faced by users in the App Store and Apple Music. Many users on Reddit reported that they had problems or glitches accessing it.

It is stated that the problem affects all users

In the Apple Music application, at the beginning of the complaints from users on Reddit the lyrics are missing was localized. However, the ailments that started with this problem grew like an avalanche. Some of the users that they cannot listen to the downloaded music offline and stated that the audio functions are not working as they should. Likewise, there have been many complaints from the App Store, and the vast majority of users have complained about issues with their app listings.


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The problem is on Apple’s system status page It was stated to cover all users and continue intermittently. While this does not mean that everyone faces these problems, it does mean that it is an effective problem around the world. Work continues to resolve these service issues that Apple users have encountered.

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