Current children’s books of the week…

A Mixed Forest / Carolina D’angelo / Illustrated by Flavia Sorrentino / Translated by Nazlı Gürkaş / Arden Publications / 28 p. / 2+

Memo chased a lion through the wild jungle full of adventures; when her father told her to tidy her room. He wasn’t happy at all, like most kids. While avoiding the lion, Memo jumps onto the curtain to climb up, slides his socks on the floor, and quickly passes under the giraffe; So everything was in its place. Couldn’t this “tidy space” be created in accordance with Memo’s world? Karman Çorman Bir Orman conveys the universe of Memo with his colorful drawings while conveying the method of collecting spaces without dictating them. It offers parents convenience in making room tidying a hassle.

My Blanket / Sabine Bohlmann / Illustrated by Kerstin Schoene / Translated by: Dürrin Tunç / YKY Doğan Kardeş Library / 28 p. / 2+

“My fluffy, warm, fluffy blanket?” cried the little sleeping squirrel. The fluffy blanket of sweet snooze would do more than just snuggle in and roll around today. The squirrel carries the nuts, the dormouse descends from the tree, the mole comes out of its trap… The book also introduces how they help each other while they meet the sleeping Sleeper whose generation is threatened as the main character. Dürrin Tunç translated a beautiful story that should be read at an age when the word ‘mine’ was being used more and more. My Blanket is a book that gently conveys the feeling of sharing and helping, step by step.

My Clock Tik Ka Tik Ka / Dilge Güney / Illustrated by Esra İlter Demirbilek / Altın Kitaplar / 56 p. / 7+

This is the story of Duru, a second year student who blushes everywhere she steps, and her older sister Ida, who doesn’t like reading books and calls her teacher “nasty”. One day, Duru is surprised to see Ida leaving the library with thick books in her arms. Ida takes part in the reading competition organized by the municipality. Also, Duru’s help is needed. Luckily there is a hero at home who holds the key to the magical world of books. Dilge Güney invites us to reflect on what is reflected by her opening windows on the inner world of children/people. This story of love and brotherhood actually speaks to all of us.

Kardes Yağmurlar / Ahmet Özer / Illustrated by Mustafa Delioğlu / Usar Publications / 72 p. / 9+

Brother Rain sometimes appears in the color of balloons and sometimes on the wings of birds. Like warm bread, a flower that has just blossomed, a child who never tires of playing, he brings joy to a world that is about to lose itself in trials. Ahmet Özer, the master pen of our poetry, knocks on our windows with his lines of love, friendship, brotherhood and peace. His verses, skillfully held in hand, are accompanied by the colorful paintings of another master, Mustafa Delioğlu. Running from the garden to the street, from the seas to the plains, from the seasons to the games, it reminds the warlike adults who get into the car of a new conflict every day to walk hand in hand with the children on the bright path the sun and nature.

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