First sharing with her little daughter Zeynep from famous actress Taner Ölmez

The daughter of Ece Çeşmioğlu and Taner Ölmez, Zeynep, was born in the past few weeks.

Taner Ölmez

Likes on social media

Taner Ölmez, who had the joy of becoming a father in the last days of March 2022, first shared with his followers a photo taken while lying in bed with his daughter Zeynep.

Taner Ölmez

The famous actress, who didn’t show her baby’s face, wrote the message “Happy April 23” on these frames. This post by Taner Ölmez, who has 2.1 million followers on his social media account, was also liked by famous names.

Sharing the player rocked social media by getting around 125,000 likes in a short span of time.

Taner Olmez 2

He couldn’t hold back his tears

Ece Çeşmioğlu shared the photos taken at the time of her daughter’s birth with her followers on her Instagram account.

Taner Ölmez’s inability to hold back his tears did not go unnoticed in the photos, which show emotional moments during the birth.

Taner Olmez 2

Source: Haber Global

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