He didn’t listen to those who said “painting is a sin”, he became a painter

Abdurrahman Akçakaya, who said that he was happy when painting and that he expresses his feelings and thoughts through painting, disregarded those of his relatives and villagers who said that “painting is a sin” and became a painter.

Moomin Agcakaya

TIGRIS NEWS – Along with his two friends, he enrolled at the school at the age of 11 from his own funds. His determination to read caused a breach in his family’s attitude towards not sending him to school. After this hiatus, he turned pro by reading his brothers. He, on the other hand, is a well-known, well-known painter of today.

Both in the workshop, in the park and on the street

Abdurrahman Akçakaya, who said that he was happy when painting and expressed his feelings and thoughts through painting, did not take into account those of his relatives and villagers who said that “painting is a sin”. On the one hand, the artist continues his painterly work in his workshop, on the other hand, he paints on the walls of parks and streets.

His education and art history begins differently than that of his contemporaries. Abdurrahman, who was born in a village in Diyarbakir Tigris in 1988, is 11 years old but his family does not allow him to go to school. Abdurrahman also meets his three friends who are not allowed to be sent to school because he wants to study very much and decides to go to school by making an agreement between them.

Since they were not able to go to the elementary school in their own village due to their age, Abdurrahman goes to the school 5-6 kilometers away with his cousin and neighbor’s child and registers there. Abdurrahman and his friends, who started school at the age of 11 without their parents’ knowledge after studying for two months in the first grade, are decided by their teachers and school administration to continue school from the third grade due to their average age being higher than their peers.

Breaking the family’s decision not to send him to school

After this determined action by Abdurrahman, who decided to study at the most difficult time of his life, there is a break in his family’s attitude not to send him to school. His family also allows his younger siblings to go to school. So their siblings, who are now doctors, dentists and nurses, have the opportunity to go to school earlier.

She feels happier when she paints

The artist Abdurrahman explains when he started painting and how this passion developed in him;

“My tradition of painting as a child started with the work I did in elementary school. I liked it when our teachers told us to paint and I felt happy when I painted. Through painting I was able to express myself, my feelings and thoughts better.”

Abdurrahman and his two friends continue their educational life by attending primary school in their village, where they are not enrolled due to their age. Up until the seventh grade of the other elementary school they attended, art teachers attend painting classes at the school with the principal and vice-principal.

We found ourselves in Diyarbakır Anatolian Fine Arts High School

Orhan Laboc, who took painting classes in the seventh and eighth grades, began developing his interest in painting with his teachers.

Abdurrahman describes the process as follows;

“Our art teacher Orhan Laboc developed us in painting with a friend in the seventh and eighth grades. He told us, ‘I’ll send you to a school where you’ll see other courses, but mostly it’s a school where you can improve better in art and painting.’ He gave advice. We listened to our teacher. After the eighth grade, we entered Diyarbakır Anatolian Fine Arts High School with our teacher’s effort and advice. My friend was first and I was second. This is how our school life began, which continued in the art school from the village school.

We found ourselves in art in high school. Looking at the work of my friends from high school while I was in Fine Arts High School, I wondered if I would be able to draw like this one day. Before the end of the first year, they presented to the school a December Association project in Istanbul to discover young artists. As part of this project, we went on a tour to Istanbul with a group of 30 people. Before we saw Istanbul, we painted Istanbul. After seeing Istanbul we made a painting and sent it to see what you think of it.

university life

I took the exam at three different universities in the college exams. Van Yüzüncü Yıl, Diyarbakır Dicle University and İzmir Dokuz Eylul University. I won first place in Van and Dicle University and third place in Dokuz Eylül. I used my fondness for Dokuz Eylül.

While studying at university, we saw the great benefits of being trained and taught by our high school teachers. Because when our teachers were in high school, they started teaching us the curriculum that we would see in college and they prepared us for it. That was an important advantage for us at the university.

During my studies at university, I majored in painting and minored in sculpture, graphics, printmaking and photography.”


My relatives and friends told us that painting is a sin.

When I came to my village on vacation after winning Dokuz Eylül, people around me and my relatives criticized why you read painting, saying that painting is a sin. Then I saw that her children also follow me to the painting departments. I asked one of my close relatives. If painting is a sin, then why are you sending your child to the painting department? I saw that these have no answers. I realized that I’m on the right path. I kept doing my best to improve.

I did a summit in France with the Erasmus program

department manager in the last year; “We exchange students abroad as part of the Erasmus program, we also send them. Do you prefer Portugal or France?” They asked. So I chose the University of Bordeaux, France. This is how I completed my final year at the University of Bordeaux, France.

During my studies in Bordeaux, the artists and teachers there were my artistic highlight. During my studies, I visited all the places where art schools and art events were held, not only in France but also in Europe. I’ve tried to improve and I’m still improving.

I worked as a teacher in my village.

After graduating from high school in France in 2014, I graduated from Dokuz Eylül University. I returned to Diyarbakır in 2015. Since I couldn’t pass the KPS, I worked as a paid teacher in my village. It was a school that opened in 1974 when I was a paid teacher in my village and got its first color. With the support of my brother and relatives, I painted the walls of the school myself and made drawings. As a result of the painting and efforts, the Office of the District Governor of Dicle presented me with a Certificate of Appreciation.

I wanted to improve myself by opening my art workshop in İzmir in 2016, but when I couldn’t get the desired results, I returned to my hometown. In 2018 I started opening a course on Kayapınar Public Education as a Master Trainer. I am currently painting murals and street paintings.


Special orders are coming

I mainly work on portraits. Most portraits are also made to order. In addition to portraits, I also enjoy painting traditional and landscape paintings. I sell most of my traditional and landscape paintings to collectors in France and Italy. These pictures are made according to the wishes of the local collectors. Due to the contract between us, I make two paintings for myself every month.

I use it as a workshop. I paint here. I also help students who want to improve or who want to paint as a hobby. I also make canvases for paintings in the basement of the workshop.”

Artists are always alone

Abdurrahman Akçakaya, who has also participated in solo and group exhibitions, has won numerous awards and honorable mentions. Regarding the difficulties of being an artist, Abdurrahman Akçakaya says:

“Every area of ​​art has a challenge. If you can’t sell it after crafting it, that’s a problem. Because you can only paint after you have sold what you have made. If I can’t make money painting, I can’t draw.

Anyone who wants to improve can improve in any condition. There has to be support for that somewhere. However, we have no support in the region. Good painters, good artists are always alone. This is due to the lack of support from the association for artists and artists.”

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