Xêro Abbas concert in Hakkari not allowed

It was alleged that the governor’s office did not allow the Hakkari concert by Xêro Abbas, the beloved voice of Kurdish music, who is planning a regional tour of Diyarbakır, Van and Hakkari provinces in May.


Hakkari organizer and radio programmer Serkan Besi said that they could not get permission for the Hakkari leg of the Xêro Abbas concert, which they planned to organize in three cities with the joint organization of their radio stations in Diyarbakır, Van and Hakkari.

Besi said that they have contacted the manager of European Kurdish speaker Xêro Abbas and that they are planning to hold a concert in the indoor sports hall of the Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports in Hakkari.

Explaining that they had started preparations for the concert, Besi said: “We first consulted our youth and sports provincial director’s ideas for the concert date. He assured that no competition or event at the gymnasium had been requested for the concert on the date mentioned, and said the concert could be organized upon approval by the governor’s office.

Besi expressed his surprise that the Hakkari concert was not allowed while the concerts in Diyarbakır and Van were allowed, saying, “The fact that the Xêro Abbas concert will be held in Hakkari causes great excitement among the public triggered. Unfortunately, due to the sports competition that was scheduled to take place on the day of the concert, our application for a permit was denied. However, when we set the artist’s agenda, we had received assurances from our state directorate for youth and sport that no event would take place that day. Even if we assume that a sporting event took place that day, the date of this competition could be changed for the concert of a world-famous folk poet from Europe. After all, the artist in question is not a political identity, but a folk poet whose originality is recognized and accepted by world music authorities.”

Organizer Besi called Hakkari Governor İdris Akbıyık and said, “During his time in Hakkari, we have seen how sensitive our Governor, Mr. İdris Akbıyık, is when it comes to cultural and artistic activities. We don’t think he was aware of this situation. Due to the busy work of our esteemed Governor, we did not have the opportunity to meet him. We have full confidence that our governor, who brought the slogan “There is life in Hakkari” to our city and gave Hakkari the identity of a city of culture, arts and festivals, will respond to this legitimate expectation of the people of Hakkari when he does it is aware of the problem.

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