Screenwriting success by YYU girls

5 stories/scenarios that deserve to be supported within the New Generation Cinema School project prepared by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality and realized with the contributions of the Dutch Embassy Human Rights Program have been identified. In the project that discussed female students in the relevant faculties of all universities in Turkey on gender equality, women’s rights, combating violence against women and empowerment of women, it was with great pleasure that female students from Van YYU were included in the top five . The scenario named “Number 3” of the project team consisting of Medine Baskin, Medine Taybar, Sudenur Şener, Berivan Şilan and Benazir Yıldız, who graduated from the Department of Radio, Television and Cinema, Van YYU Fine Arts Faculty, was created in a Short film shot in film format due to its success in top 5 and after it shot in gold it will be screened in Orange Film Festival.

“Our ultimate goal is to be well prepared in the field”

Statements on the finalists of the project, Head of the Department of Radio, Television and Cinema, Faculty of Fine Arts, Assoc. Dr. Birgül Alici stated that her students’ success makes her very happy and said: “First of all, I congratulate everyone who has contributed to the New Generation Cinema School Project and I hope that such encouraging projects will continue increasingly in our country. Congratulations to our female students who are among the top 5 female students who applied to the project with their story/scenario from faculties of communication or fine arts all over Turkey. You have made us very proud. Our ultimate goal is to educate them with our expert teaching staff in the faculty open to development and with the equipment required by industry. Together with my scientific friends in the department, we will always continue our efforts in this direction to enable our students to take a step into a better future with great determination and determination. Long-term online training courses have now been launched, which the teams of the selected projects will receive from experts from the film industry and academia. The teams selected for the project are then invited to the training camp for a week and receive face-to-face training. After training, seminars and various short film projects, each team takes on the shooting of their script as a short film. Of course, technical team and equipment support will be made available to them as part of the project. The films in the project, which will unite the power of cinema through the eyes of women, will be screened for the first time in October 2022 at the 59th Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival. We are looking forward to the festival with great excitement.”

“We can expect a good educational process”

Medine Baskin, a student at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Radio, Television and Cinema, stated that they were delighted to be in the top five with the “Number 3” scenario, saying: “In our scenario we have the story of Fatma, a widow with 2 children who immigrated to Turkey from Syria because of the war. We shared the difficulties a client faced when he was fired for being a Syrian at the cleaning company he started working for. We decided to write this scenario to raise awareness that the problems faced by people displaced from their homes due to wars in many parts of the world will be exacerbated in the countries they are going to , especially when it comes to women. It was a great pleasure for us to be in the top 5 of the many scenarios in the New Generation Cinema School project. A good educational process awaits us. On behalf of my teammates, I would like to thank all of our teachers who have guided us on this journey.” UAV

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