The book that captivates the reader: Pitch

It reminds the reader of a water that is dispersed and collected with pitch, but does not disappear.

I. U. Eskiciyan reminds the reader of a water that spreads and collects, but does not disappear with Zift. With its angry, provocative and destabilizing language, this novel penetrates us and crushes us under the weight of silence. As this black, heavy pitch feeds itself, it multiplies, forcing growth upon us all.

pitchis a text that, from the past to the present, from today to tomorrow, is constantly renewed and seeks to add new dimensions to the genre of the novel. Eskiciyan shrugs off the usual storyline with classic narratives and enriches his unique style.

The book that captivates the reader: Pitch #1

“Bird Like A Bird”

“According to the rumor, a bird like a bird opened its eyes to a prophet like a prophet in anger. So much so that his eyes widened and his eye sockets widened. According to rumor, a prophet divided a bird into four each on a different mountain. Drums beat for a long time, smoke is an attempt at information, nothing more. What was done was done, the old corpses revealed their history. The vine leaves and the chard leaves and the fig sin and all the victorious generals believed in water when a stone was cut off. All that is dead will return, all that is alive will either believe in the darkness or be doomed to the darkness. The stakes are high. Indeed, villages will be counted as capitals of the night.”


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