Autographing bassist Randy Rand dies

NEWS WORLDWIDE – 62-year-old famous bass player, known for the song “Turn Up The Radio” Randy Rand died to life.

the 1980s autograph News of the death of Randy Rand, the group’s founder, was announced on the group’s social media account. The cause of death was not disclosed.

“Aside from being devastated, we find some comfort and comfort in knowing that the last few years have been his happiest. Randy was an absolute optimist and always excited for his band, you could feel his excitement,” the statement read on Instagram.

The Autograph group, which also included Steve Plunkett, Steve Lynch, Keni Richards and Steven Ishram, formed in Los Angeles in the late 1970s.

In a 2020 interview, Randy Rand said of those days, “We weren’t even a band, when we went on stage in Pasadena we thought the audience would kick our ass, but 15,000 people listened to us. “

Her debut album “Sign in Please” came out of the record factory. The album’s lead single “Turn Up The Radio” was discovered by MTV and played by many radio stations. The song, co-written by the band members, was a huge hit. While it peaked at #29 on the Billboard chart, it also hit #17 on the Mainstream Rock chart.

In the years that followed, this song was even used in American Horror Story. Grand Theft Auto: Vice CityThis song was there too.

Sign in Please has sold over half a million copies.

Although they didn’t achieve the same level of success on their later albums, this song was enough to keep them in their memories forever.

They released That’s the Stuff in 1985 and Loud and Clear in 1987. The song “Blondes in Black Cars” entered the charts.

The group, which later disbanded, disbanded completely in the years that followed. In 2013 they got back together and went on tour. Richard died in 2017. The group later released the album Get Off Your Ass. It remained active until 2022.

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