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Composer, poet and calligrapher, one of the founders of our classical religious music Buhurizade Mustafa Itriis segah Takbir and Salat-i UmmiyeEvery time I hear them.

Allahuekber Allahuekber

La ilaha illallahu vallahu akbar

Allahu akbar velillahi’lhamd.

Allahumma salli alâ sayyidinê Muhammedinin-nabiyyi’l-ummiyyi wa alâ êlihî wa sahbihî ve sellim.

As soon as I hear it I feel like the whole universe is spinning with the harmony of this composition.

Selfish, what is the secret of this composition that evokes the same feeling in many people?

Perhaps it was composed with an inspiration in ecstasy.

In the poem he wrote for Itri who composed the word i qudsiye which like takbir is an important torch of the religion. Yahya Kemal It sounds like that:

They call Great Itrî the ancients,

The master of our own music;

By sending so many people from place to place

He is the cihangî of the dawn,

Happy Holidays early morning,

As the sky roars with cannon roar

He sang the Sultan Tekbîr.

From Budin to Iraq to Egypt,

From conquered distant lands,

The free wind blows over the homeland,

Sounded from all sources.

This genius gathered us so that

Seven hundred years of our history

Heard about the old plane trees.

In his music there are on the one hand religion,

On the one hand, all life has flowed…

In Tekbir, Yahya Kemal explains this feeling, which I cannot describe with the power of his poetry…

Description of İtri’Master of Sound Itri: Miracles‘ (Mona Publications) Author My Sultan UnverI heard from:

It is impressive that Muslims of all languages, skin colors and nationalities sing takbir with Itrî’s composition in the “Masjid an-Nabawi and Kaaba”. Moreover, this has been the case for centuries. A breath that embraces the whole world is its composition. It is such a mesmerizing composition that you both want to prostrate yourself with the resignation of a devoted servant, and you feel with every particle of yours the endless might and power of this sublime to which you prostrate…

True music here has to be something like this; divine grace…

Speaking of the divine, the great mystic Yunus Emrefrom ‘I need you‘ the poem Cem Adrian Composed and performed by

We learn the details of the news that fell on the agency yesterday: Yunus Emre Institute last year organized byYunus Emre Monument YearThe work, which represents the continuation of the “projects”, was shared with art lovers on the institute’s social media accounts.

The clip, starring and directing Cem Adrian for the first time in a long time, was released on the artist’s YouTube channel.

The piece will soon be available for listeners on all music platforms.

I listened to the Yunus poem as interpreted by Cem Adrian; Do I want to listen again? No!


For in Adrian’s comment I could not hear a morsel of divine feeling, a spiritual flavor peculiar to the divine.

I don’t know how many octaves of Cem Adrian’s powerful voice are known…

But an artist who is used to interpreting many songs with similar ‘throat games’…

The same in the hymn of Jonah; A typical Cem-Adrian interpretation. Sound shrinks, twists and turns, ups and downs…

Recently a collection of unforgettable songs of popular music ‘stars of the skyI also listened to the singer’s album (Pasaj Music).

There, Murat Celik‘from separation, Vedat Sakman‘from my loneliness, Bulent Ortacgil‘from Or scream Songs like Adrian’s Unique’independently‘ is of course pleasant to listen to, but there are some genres that fall victim to Adrian’s excessive vocal playing.

Just like in Jonah’s hymn.

As I said before, there is no spice or spiritual feeling in this proverb that is peculiar to the universe of hymns.

What would be the reason?

Our great storyteller has a sentence from the past in my ears Mustafa Kutlufrom…

Ysar Kurt, Submissions He released his first album called (I think). there Muharrem Ertasout of leylaHe says too.

I had an interview with Yaşar Kurt. (Murat Mentes He came too.)

Brother Mustafa listened to the album. When he came to the newspaper the next day,fly buzz‘ he said like. I said, ‘What is this?’ ‘Yaşar Kurt sang Leylam like a fly buzzing.

Let’s hope that today’s artists wander more in the garden of our ancient poetry; First let them sincerely feel the joy of each fragrance, color and harmony, then let us get our share.

What did Yahya Kemal say?

Perhaps these compositions will still be played,

In an ocean where no ships pass.

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