Communication tariffs in e-government: Internet, telephone and television charges can be compared

The Information Technologies and Communications Authority has taken a new step that will allow people who want to benefit from the electronic communications service to compare operators’ tariffs and promotions by making inquiries through the e-government portal. While citizens can compare the services they can obtain through e-government, price regulation is also provided in the marketplace.


According to the draft study prepared on this topic, the application is based on fixed Internet, fixed telephone, television, mobile and address-based mobile Internet offered under the individual subscription contract of operators with 200,000 or more subscribers and other operators who compare their tariffs or promotions via the e-government portal, assumes the tariffs for the service.

After logging into the e-government portal, consumers can compare the operators’ tariffs and special offers using the tariff comparison service. Inquiries to be made in the tariff comparison service are immediately transmitted to the operators, and the operators will respond to the inquiries immediately.


Consumers wishing to use the rate comparison service will be offered the opportunity to choose between the options of ‘mobile phone’, ‘address-based mobile internet’, ‘landline phone’, ‘landline internet’ and ‘TV’, depending on the type of service they want to benefit from. The TV service cannot be selected alone, but can be selected together with landline phone or landline internet. By using the filter options, it is possible to query tariffs and promotions. The tariffs or promotions displayed as a result of the query are sorted in ascending order according to the average monthly fee. In the case of choosing an address-based mobile internet, fixed internet or fixed telephone service, the home address is sent to the operator for evaluation in the offer, depending on the consumer’s demand. Inquiries will be sent to the address provided.


Citizens are also offered filter options on topics such as the name of the operator, the average monthly wage range, the payment method (postpaid/prepaid), changing number portability or internet provider and the commitment period. After making the necessary filters, it is possible to select any two tariff or promotional offers and compare the characteristics of the two selected offers, including the parameters in the details section, on a single screen.

New era in e-government: Complaints about unfair price increases


New era in e-government: Complaints about unfair price increases

Has e-government data been stolen?


Has e-government data been stolen?

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