Actor Kenneth Tsang, known from the James Bond film, died at the hotel where he was staying during coronavirus quarantine

Veteran Hong Kong actor who won the Best Supporting Actor award at the 34th Hong Kong Film Awards in 2015 and starred in the blockbuster James Bond Kenneth TsangHe died aged 81 at the hotel where he was being held in Covid-19 quarantine.

The veteran actor starred in the Hollywood blockbuster James Bond films Die Another Day (2002) and Rush Hour 2 (2001).

Tsang was placed under mandatory quarantine at the Kowloon Hotel after returning to his hometown of Hong Kong from Singapore on Monday, April 25.

According to South China Morning Post newspaper news, it was reported that during daily checks, staff from the Ministry of Health knocked on Tsang’s door but received no response, and it was reported that he was lying unconscious on the floor upon entering the room.

speaker to the news According to an unnamed source, Tsang died at the scene, an unnamed source told the newspaper.

After the event was heard, his fans bid farewell to the player on social media. One user said: “This really hurts me. He is a great actor who has played a huge role in my life through cinema.” Wrote.

Another added, “Not only have your TV series/movies brought us wonderful memories, they have been a part of our growing journey.”

Tsang acted in many Hong Kong productions in the 80’s and 90’s. Inc A Better Tomorrow 1&2, The Killer, Peking Opera Blues and Once A Thief and Supercop are some of these movies.

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