From Müjde Ar to Gezi: Let’s not lose our resistance

“We will turn darkness into light as long as we don’t lose our resistance,” said Müjde Ar on the verdict in the Gezi Park case.

Osman Kavala, who was on trial in the Gezi Park trial, was sentenced to an increased life imprisonment of 4.5 years.

In addition to Kavala, the other defendants were also sentenced to 18 years in prison.

This long-awaited decision has come under criticism…

Among the signers

First the opposition parties raised their voices, then the filmmakers came to the fore.

For those who defend Gezi “Where we were during the Gezi trial, we are back today” A statement was prepared containing his statements and the statement was signed.

So far, more than 3,000 signatures have been signed, and well-known names in the art world have also joined the declaration.

“We stand in the spirit of travel”

Yeşilçam actress Müjde Ar, who declared that she has been with Gezi since day one, took part in the live broadcast. “Join this attitude” made the call.

Connected to Halk TV, Ar, “In the face of this illegality, we stand firmly in the spirit of Gezi.” called.

Müjde Ar: We fully support Gezi VIDEO

“We are not afraid and we will not give up”

Müjde Ar continued her speech and said: “We; As filmmakers, women and individuals of our secular republic, we do not acknowledge this lawlessness, we are not afraid and we are not intimidated.” he added.

“We will turn darkness into light”

Addressing those who defended Gezi like himself, the actor said: “There’s one more thing… We’re not going to lose hope at this point. Our friends in prison are not alone. We are hand in hand and together we will turn darkness into light. No one should doubt that. These days will pass, let’s keep our hearts fresh. As long as we don’t lose our resistance.” used the expressions.

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