Is it the title Prince Andrew?

Queen Elizabeth’s son Prince Andrew could lose all his titles over sexual abuse allegations. The councilors of York, gathered around the prince, who holds the title of Duke of York, urged Queen Elizabeth to take a step towards acquiring that title.

Queen of England, “Duke of York”. Elizabeth’s son Prince Andrew has been put on Parliament’s agenda over sexual abuse allegations against him. At the meeting, which brought together York City Councillors, it was discussed that Prince Andrew should be barred from all honorary degrees awarded by the United Kingdom. Members urged the Queen to take whatever titles her son held for the City of York.

According to the news on NTV; The decision, made by an anonymous voting system, is believed to have been influenced by Prince Andrew’s sexual assault lawsuit filed by Virginia Giuffre.


The prince, who was given the title of “freedom of the city” in 1987, was said to have “manifest disrespect” for the issues the prince has had on the agenda of late. His continuation of his duties as Duke of York has been described as “a blemish” to the city. Councilors expect the Queen to step up and do the ‘right thing’.


York Councilor Lib Dem Darryl Smalley said: “To be an honorary member of York is the greatest honor we can give anyone as a city. Holding this title requires great honor and responsibility. “We believe that Prince Andrew, who has had his military titles and royal patronage stripped by the Queen, should also sever all ties with our city.”


The 62-year-old king was stripped of all military duties and removed from royal patronage last February. The designation of the prince as “His Royal Highness” has also ended.

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