Murat Dalkılıç, who was photographed with his lover Sitare Akbaş, fled upon hearing the marriage question.

Successful singer Murat Dalkılıç has been in love with actress Sitare Akbaş for about 8 months. The couple, who have been in the lenses from time to time, attended the premiere of the film Mirrorless Haluk, which Tolgahan Sayışman both produced and starred in. The couple answered questions from members of the press before the film began.


Dalkılıç said that he made the music for the film Mirrorless Haluk and said: “We played together with Tolgahan in my first film. I also supported this film with my music. I interpreted my song according to this film.” The singer said, “Would you like to participate in the same project with Sitare Hanım?” When asked “Offers are coming, but let’s see… Why not? Sitars and I would like to play. Promotional offers come from time to time, we have ideas,” he said.

Hearing the question of marriage, he left

Dalkılıç, who is careful not to discuss his personal life, told reporters: “They will get married this summer. news Exit. When asked “Have the wedding preparations started?” he said, “Why don’t we know about these preparations?” and interrupted the interview and entered the hall where the film is being shown.

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