Oğuzhan Koç became the brand face of GetirYemek

GetirFood has been a breath of fresh air in the industry since its inception, signing a long-term agreement with famous artist Oğuzhan Koç for its new advertising campaign. The artist posed for her first commercial singing GetirYemek’s new jingle.

Express delivery company founded in 2015 Bring, has experienced great developments since its establishment and is among the leading companies in its field both in our country and in the world. Recently we informed you that the platform has announced its new service Getirİş and that this feature has been rolled out in 81 provinces.

Now it has become known that the giant company, which includes the services of Getir, GetirYemek, GetirBüyük, GetirÇarşı, GetirSu and Getirİş, has settled with a famous name. The famous singer is the new face of GetirYemek, the online food ordering platform serving more than 50,000 member restaurants in Turkey’s 81 provinces. Oguzhan Koc was explained.

The promotional film shot with Oğuzhan Koç was also released.

According to the information provided, GetirYemek’s new advertising face was Oğuzhan Koç, who managed to top the music charts with the songs he released. Koç, who also acts as an actor, is under this agreement, which is said to be long-term. first commercial He went in front of the camera. It was reported that the musical-like commercial, which was broadcast on many platforms, was shot in 2 days with a crew of 200 people.

Reviewing the commercial, Koç appears in front of the camera with the guitar specially designed for GetirYemek. The famous singer back then “If you are hungry for innovation” He sings the GetirYemek jingle called GetirYemek. As he sings the song, Aries is accompanied by a woman trying to decide what to eat first. After that, the influence that Koç created around him grows and many GetirYemek users start dancing and accompanying the song. In addition, it can be seen that in addition to customers, couriers, waiters and cooks also come to Koç.

According to the company, which in the past few months earned the title “Decacorn” by hitting a 10 billion valuation, this commercial that tastes like a music commercial has recently taken its place on all TV and digital channels and hit people. He also produced the commercial. Fırat Parlak and Dilek Keser taken over and managed Ali Taner Baltaci It is stated that the production was prepared in collaboration with Titrifikir and 25 Films.

Here is GetirYemek’s new ad

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