Osman enher: “The film is the same, the actors are different”



Osman Enher, one of Milliyet’s authors, has given a final assessment of developments in Galatasaray. You can access Milliyet’s entire article.

te enher’s words…

I am following Metin ztrk one of the ministerial candidates, he is trying to tear himself up and give hope to all Galatasaray fans. Eref says he will bring a bar to Hamamcolu Kulbe.

two candidates present their projects. Everyone who comments like this wins, wins the crown.

All these members are high school graduates, wise people of culture. Whether they believe in Turkish or Turkish bath house, they will choose, we will all see that.

There is a period beginning with Adnan Polat; we haven’t forgotten. Then nal Aysal, then Dursun Zbek, then Mustafa Cengiz and finally Burak Elmas…

Almost everyone was lied to. Now he took this route. What are some Council Executives saying in the crisis? Doesn’t he wave his finger and say he’s looking with confidence, who’s looking with confidence? And to the four-month-old minister…



what will happen now Won’t they do the same with the newly elected minister? I don’t think these people are acting in favor of Galatasaray. Now, with this system, they have made it a habit to discredit the minister. Whenever Galatasaray gets rid of these, it relaxes and finds calm. Sporting success comes later anyway…

A new minister is elected. He will say first debts.
Then he finds the technical director. It will already work for the transfer.
Of course, half of the fans will fluff the new minister’s teacher. Nothing wrong with that. I’m even sorry. There will be players for sale. Doomsday will erupt again to see how you can sell them. For some of the new transfers is this Galatasarayn football player why did you get him? you will say. The interesting thing is that it won’t get support from any segment.



New sports law. Whatever our minister says, he says right away. It is the indispensable equivalent of this law. Nobody should make any promises. Don’t let anyone think I’m going to do this, I’m going to put it into the book. Those are the messages. That’s a big wall in front of the newly elected minister and administration. Ministers should put this law out of their minds when giving their word. If they can’t keep their word, they’ll be lynched by the fans.
In any case, nothing more can be done. I wish the ministerial candidate good luck.

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