The 3rd book days start in Seydişehir

Mayor Mehmet Tutal stated that the book days will take place on July 15 in National Will Square and will last until May 15.

Noting that they are aiming for broader and fuller book days this year, Tutal said, “I invite all my countrymen, especially children and their parents, to visit our book days and read books that will be of use to them.” called.

Tutal said 35 authors will attend the book days, Tutal said writers like Pelin Çift, Tufan Gündüz, Bahadır Yenişehirlioğlu, Kahraman Tazeoğlu, Tarık Tufan, Yasin Aktay, Ahmet Bulut, Alişan Kapaklıkaya and Nurullah Genç are holding a conference for their readers will be Cultural Center Şaban Cengiz and that they will sign their books.

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