The famous singer Fedon fell into the sea

As every year, Fedon (75) shared his meeting with the sea with his followers on Instagram.

The famous singer, who posted the video of her jumping into the sea on social media, said: “And Fedon fell into the sea. Just today, because of my little troubles, you expected me to fall into the sea and open the summer season for a long time. I wish everyone a healthy, peaceful and happy summer.”

Singer İrem Derici added Fedon’s contribution, which attracted a lot of interest from his fans with his message “Here it is now”. commented as.


On the other hand, the famous singer, who had a tumor in his kidney 3 years ago, said: “As long as God gives health, I will be on stage with you.” Today, news is circulating on the Internet and social media . I also witnessed it, I was personally upset. “Fedon is cancer, Fedon has a helpless disease.” News. Two years ago I had a tumor in my kidney, it turned out to be cancer. I had a successful surgery and started working 10-15 days later,” he said.

Fedon then continued his words on the subject as follows:

I want to say don’t get me wrong. i am very healthy I’m always working. Disease, cancer is a tough word, but we have to get used to seeing it as an illness like heart disease or the flu. Because time is of the essence, we have passed an era, treatment is possible, here I am.

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