The fastest fading Tarkan song

Despite all his PR work and trolls, Geççek went down in history as the most unsuccessful song of Tarkan’s music career. Tarkan, who shook the world from America to Russia with Şikıdım and made African tribes memorize “If I Get It”, failed with Geççek, which the opposition did not even choose as a campaign song.

The absent spirit of the song didn’t carry over to the audience, of course.
Neither its melody nor its words have entered our memory.
His name wasn’t even mentioned in the radio’s playlists called Playlist.
Tarkan tried to ward it off, but the strong smell of politics permeating the song didn’t go away.
ah? was it late

The sea is over for the clubs
The tender for broadcasting the Super League for the upcoming period remained with BeIN Sports for $150 million. The company bought the previous tender for $350 million. Last week I wrote about the reasons that have reduced the brand value of our football by 60 percent while everything else in the world was expensive. I don’t need to repeat. (Those who missed it can reach this article by typing “The brand value of our football is Yüksel Aytuğ in places” in any search engine.)
This means that broadcast revenue, the teams’ biggest source of income, is falling and the thinnest slice of the pie will not satisfy anyone. Many of our clubs are already facing transfer restrictions due to wrong transfer policies and management weaknesses. In addition, with the new ordinance, presidents can no longer borrow and transfer debt. So everyone really has to be “released”. This will bring about a second economic contraction.
To be honest, I’m secretly not happy about this situation. No one will be able to dump dollars in a truck in front of 35-40 year old foreigners and promise them a super pension in Turkey. In their place, they will be what should have been years ago, and the way for young people will be opened. We will meet the new Arda Güler, Kerem Aktürkoğlu, Altay Bayındır, Rıdvan Yılmaz. Clubs will inevitably have to turn to their own resources and invest in infrastructure.
what did they say In every evil there is good!..

Arda Guler and his family
Even those who are not interested in football now know the name of Fenerbahçe’s young star Arda Güler. The 17-year-old talent, who shines brightly on the pitch with the yellow and dark blue jersey on his back, even earns applause from the opposing spectators during away games.
Recently, the old pictures that Arda shared on social media caught my attention. He played soccer with his father at home when he was only 10-11 years old. They bounced the ball indoors and passed the ball indoors. I realized that family support played a big part in his success. His father officially gave his son a private education at home. But for me, the really big supporter was the absent mother. Because he allowed football to be played at home.
If I had done that too, I would have eaten my mother’s slipper on my waist…

I will wear my mask
With the most recent decision, the obligation to wear masks outside of public transport and health facilities was lifted. Good news. It announces that we have reached the end of the scourge of Covid-19 that has made us spit blood for two years.
However, I will continue to wear masks indoors. Because Covid-19 is not the only disease that threatens both me and my family and people in the society in which I live. Because just yesterday, the first death from bird flu was officially documented in China.
We entered April 23, which my daughter was longingly waiting for, in the morning at the emergency room. My daughter contracted the norovirus (stomach flu) at school. A bacterial and contagious disease characterized by vomiting and fever. Afterwards the whole family had this experience (!) resp.
I will say that viruses and bacteria have no end. I don’t know about you, but I will keep my mask with me when I go indoors, especially in winter.

After seeing the ‘real’ football between Manchester City and Real Madrid which ended 4-3, I propose that our league be canceled immediately. You think the boys are playing soccer in a parallel universe…

What did he say?
“First, choose your friend well. Even your mother gives birth to your enemy.” (Word of Fairuz in the TV series Baba)

error stand
In the TV series Baba, Elif said: “I have an ADB (Amateur Sailor Certificate). However, with this document, boats over 10 meters cannot be used and international waters cannot be reached.

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