The line ‘Lan Jale’ was in the language! Esin Civangil, the beautiful actress from Bread Boat, defies the years!

Entry date: 04/29/2022 09:27
Update date: 04/29/2022

We met Esin Civangil with Osman Sinav’s legendary TV series Bread Boat! It was Jale, Baker Nusret Baba’s beautiful daughter. What are the actors of Ekmek Teknesi, who marked a time and made his name one of the most unforgettable in the history of Turkish TV series, do now? We know Jale, Sonnur, Songul and Sonay as the beautiful daughters of Baker Nusret Baba… Ekmek Teknesi is not only a legendary TV series but has also connected with the stars it brought to the TV series and cinema industry, engraved in the memories. Alongside actors such as the veterans of our cinema, Savaş Dinçel (Nusret), Sermin Hürmeriç (Ayhan), Kadir Kapakdemir (Kirli), Peker Açıkalın (Cengiz), Mehtap Bayri (Mehbare), young talents emerged. Esin Civangil was one of those young players. She was very popular with the character of Jale. The ‘Lan Jale’ line became popular. Esin Civangil from Jale from The Bread Boat, Arzu Oş from Sonnur, Ekin Türkmen from Songül and Melike Güner from Sonay couldn’t change over the years… Here are the beauties from Bread Boat, Jale, Sonnur, Songül and Sonay.

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