This Salih Tuna wrote a book for us

Ismail Kucukkaya, Program on FOX TV. Guest CHP group Deputy Chairman Free Specialto the poor yesterday Quote from the article he asked:
“Salih Tuna is a name I’ve been following closely for a long time. He says: ‘Özgür Özel from the CHP also belongs to these imperialists…’ (he has such a connection in the previous part of his article) ‘…with the Courage, bestowed upon him by the solemn threats of these imperialists, he defeated President Erdoğan. Threatening…’ (…) Are you threatening President Erdoğan?…”
The answer is very funny, but first let me briefly touch on the “link” of the article mentioned by İsmail Küçükkaya:

Istanbul 13th High Criminal Courtto the Kavala decision European Parliament Rapporteur for Turkey, He threatened Turkey with the words: “There will definitely be consequences…”. That wasn’t an isolated case either. On the contrary, it was like a summary of the reactions from the West, from the US to the EU.
In other words, the imperialists declare that they will make Turkey pay a price for a decision by the Turkish judiciary, and their henchmen and all fifth-column members are immediately agitated!
In fact, they so confuse the Turkish judiciary that they say: “These are dishonest, this is the mafia, these are gangs”.
Despite the West in Turkey None of Özgür Özel developed an attitude It’s nothing you saw.
Now we come to Özgür Özel’s answer to Ismail’s question.
He says: “He is Salih Tuna, a man who wrote fake news and wrote a book saying that our names were mentioned by mistake every Sunday and said that this happened in CHP, that this happened in CHP …”

Vice-chairs of the CHP faction are always like that I don’t know if you chose one of these?
That’s what I know Engin Ozkoc He also said similar things.
He even stated that he would bring the poor to justice, claiming that “written in a non-serious style, baseless and untrue”.
Did any sane person among them warn? “Shame yourself even more if you want not…” I don’t understand what he said, he gave up on taking it to court.
But I still think just in case “He who lost his head Man” I had to write the following on the back cover of my book: “This humorous novel, written in a non-serious style, is unreal and unfounded. He has no truth. He can clearly create a negative political perception towards the Republican people. If, despite my warnings, a negative perception arises, I am not responsible for it…”

Valuable person Özgür Özel and he mumbled something like “What has Salih Tuna said about FETO in the past?”.
He may wonder who said what to Fetullahists in the period before it was exposed as FETO, despite the fact that his party, of which he is vice-chair of the group, is in solidarity with FETO.
Contradiction is ultimately a sign of ignorance, it’s none of my business.
As you know, at the table of 6 you will form an alliance with those who are up to their necks in FETO, your campaign promises will include the release of FETO supporters, your leader will say: “The community is the oppressed; we will not defend the oppressed, but whom will we defend…”, you will do politics with FETO tapes, in short, FETO. You will become the hope of, and then you will become Lagaluga.
I told you, your intelligence is none of my business.
However, it is clear what Salih Tuna thought and said about FETO today and in the past. Rudeness is not necessary!
I will not allow you to make disrespectful insinuations based on FETO sites or the distortions and manipulations of sectarian integratists.
See, Hope Zileli What did he say about the time we were programming together 2009-2011: “Salih Tuna, the scourge of Fetullah At the height of his power “What kind of threat does Fetullah and his community pose? ‘ and we were amazed. We were listening!…” (November 5, 2020, Fearless)
Not him, but Özgür Özel “valuable person”, Kilicdaroglu too “Dear Kilicdaroglu” I say no Mullah Kasım should come out tomorrow and drag the poor to cigarettes.
My goodness!

You can listen to this column by clicking the link below.

Saleh Tuna | This Salih Tuna wrote a book for us

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