This time the singer was warned and peed on the fan he put on the stage: No peeing here!

Brass Against lead singer Sophia Urista, who was laid down on stage by her fan and pissed on her face, was greeted with a warning at her concert in Denmark: It’s forbidden to pee here!

Photos: Twitter

Last November, at the Welcome to Rockville music festival in the US, Urista called a spectator onto the stage and asked him to lie down, then pulled down his pants and pissed on his face. Meanwhile he kept singing.

In the video that went viral, the soloist’need a breakWhen it was over, the man was seen getting up off the ground and making happy gestures.

After this reaction, Urista issued an apology message.

The band, known for their Soundgarden and Black Sabbath covers, took the stage in Copenhagen for the first of the concerts Tool will perform in support of their 2022 European tour.

Glued to the Royal Arena stagePeeing is prohibited in this area‘ was accompanied by a written warning. Urista shared the warning on her Twitter account, stating that all forms of peeing are prohibited.

Singer who pissed on his fan, he brought to the stage: I overstepped the boundaries too much

He pissed in the face of a fan he put on stage at the concert

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