What is the subject of the Prometheus film, who directed it, who are the actors?

Prometheus is a science fiction film directed by Ridley Scott. The original story for the film was written by Jon Spaihts and then completed with input from Lost creator Damon Lindelof. Prometheus film impresses with its cast. The film, which doesn’t overlook the similarities to the Alien series, is actually completely independent from the series.


When a spaceship comes down to earth, a human-like being drinks the liquid in its hand. So the creature begins to disintegrate and its parts mix with the water. Thus, its DNA initiates a biogenesis reaction.

In 2089 in Scotland, archaeologists Elizabeth Shaw and Charlie Holloway uncover a star map that matches artifacts from several ancient cultures, and dub these human-born creatures the “Engineers.” Peter Weyland, the senior CEO of the Weyland Corporation, finances a cruise to the planet LV-223 using star charts. Android David steers the ship.

When the Prometheus crew arrives at planet LV-233, they find that it looks like Earth but is actually an uninhabitable planet due to excess nitrogen. Where they find the stone inscriptions, they encounter a humanoid skull and large body that they believe is actually an engineer, and Shaw takes it on board to examine. The crew suspects they are extinct and finds their other organs. Troubled by the growth of the expedition, team members Millburn and Fifield attempt to return to Prometheus, but become lost in the cave they entered. Exploration is interrupted by a storm. After discovering a cylinder-like structure, Android David sees a thick liquid flowing from these cylinders and takes several samples from it. In the ship’s lab, he compares the engineer’s DNA to human DNA. David examines the cylinder and the liquid inside. He then drips this liquid into the bottle, which Holloway drinks, for which he bears a grudge. Shortly thereafter, Holloway and Shaw have sex. Meanwhile, Holloway falls ill quickly. They return to Prometheus with the entire crew, but Vickers, unwilling to take him on his ship, kills him by burning him with a firearm. Shaw is later revealed to be pregnant, although she was unable to conceive. Shaw later discovers that Weyland is on the Prometheus ship. His goal is to prevent his imminent death and demands eternal life from the engineers.

He also attacks the mutant Fifield Prometheus’ hangar, killing several crew members. Prometheus’ captain, Janek, neutralizes him with a firearm. Accompanied by Weyland and Shaw, the team heads to the control room that David discovered. David wakes the slumbering engineer and Weyland speaks in his language to explain what he wants. The Engineer, on the other hand, gets angry, cuts off David’s head and responds by killing Weyland’s team. Shaw escapes and warns Janek that the Engineer will bring the liquid to Earth and kill all humans. Vickers escapes with the help of a lifeboat and Janek crashes Prometheus into the engineer’s ship. The Engineer’s ship crashes to the ground, crushing Vickers. Shaw goes to the Prometheus escape lifeboat and sees the creature he pulled out grow. David’s still active mind warns Shaw that the Engineer is alive and out to get him. The engineer enters the lifeboat and attacks Shaw, and the helpless Shaw opens the creature’s door and the creature traps the engineer. The creature transfers its egg into the engineer. Shaw takes David’s head and flees the planet in another ship. He embarks on an expedition to find out why they want to destroy humans.

In the lifeboat, the engineer is born into a creature.


Production began in April 2010 and principal photography began in March 2011 on a budget of $120–130 million. 3D cameras were used throughout the project and hands-on sets were created in England, Iceland, Spain and Scotland.

Director Ridley Scott


*Noomi Rapace

*Michael Fassbender

* Guy Pearce

*Idris Elba

*Logan Marshall-Green

*Charlize Theron

The soundtrack of the film Prometheus was composed by Marc Streitenfeld.

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