Afara hit the big screen with its third episode…


Uğur Aslan performed in front of the audience with the song “Gurbet” which he sang with his unique interpretation. The guests of the third episode of Afara were the famous artist Serdar Ortaç, the successful actor Talat Bulut and the master actor Nilgün Belgün.

The show, which started with Nilgün Belgün’s joyful laughter, was tinged with Serdar Ortaç’s funny songs. Serdar Ortaç, who brought the studio to a standstill with his swinging songs, shaped the evening with the songs he sang as well as with the statement “I never cheated, but I was always cheated”.

Another moment that made a big impression that night was the duet of Talat Bulut and Uğur Aslan. Aslan and Bulut sang the folk song “Mihriban” accompanied by street musicians. The studio was acclaimed with folk songs by Uğur Aslan, Talat Bulut and Nilgün Belgün. The whole audience joined hands and danced Halay…


Afara, where you can enjoy music and a delicious conversation with successful actress Uğur Aslan, is broadcast live on Kanal D every Friday night.

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