The comment that upset Nukhet Duru! “My age, my age…”

The artist Nükhet Duru (67), who repeatedly publishes excerpts from her everyday life on her social media account, freaked out at a message that came into her pose while throwing a kiss.

The famous singer said: “You seem very spoiled, it doesn’t suit you. It would be better if you behaved a little more appropriately.” responded to a social media user who said. Nükhet Duru posted the news on Twitter, saying, “I suggest you be more objective and understanding in your criticism.”


The famous name later said: “Dear listener, my age, my old age, my decision! If I want, I stay at home, knit and spend time with my cats or shoot happy videos on the sets. Whether I’m dancing despite my knee pain or sleeping all day when I don’t have a job, I’ll retire. the sentences used.

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