Youth Theater “Bookworm”.

The Municipality of Ankara Altındağ brought the youth together with the play “Bookworm”.

The Municipality of Ankara Altındağ brought the youth together with the play “Bookworm”. Young people, members of Çamlık Cahit Zarifoğlu Youth Center shared joyful moments.

In order to bring culture, arts and entertainment to the people of Altındağ, the Municipality of Altındağ mobilized to allow the children and youth of Altındağ to see theater. Altındağ Mayor Asım Balcı, who said that he attaches great importance to the encounter of Altındağ children and youth with the most beautiful examples of culture and art, said: “Students studying in Altındağ schools have been watching our play since months. Our play was publicly performed at Necip Fazıl Kısakürek Cultural Center on Saturdays, which attracted great interest. “Now young people who are members of our youth centers are watching. Bookworms from Altındağ love this game,” he said.

“Our children should grow up with art”

President Balcı said: “Our children should grow up with culture, art and theatre. We believe that our children will be much better off if the education they receive in school is supported by such activities. We are very happy that children from Altındağ are more involved in social life and young people are intertwined with arts.”

“Bookworm” children

Written by İshak 2.Tekgül, the children’s play entitled “Bookworm” is about the events of a child who dislikes reading after having to go to the library to do his homework. The play conveys important messages to audiences about the benefits of reading and the love of books.

Youth Theater “Bookworm”.

Youth Theater “Bookworm”.

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