A surprise song for fans of Sezen Aksu

Sezen Aksu, Songs interpreted by other artists in their previous albums. ‘Demo’ He presented it to music lovers by singing his name himself. Aksu, “Demo 2‘ The new song from the album was released.

This time the 67-year-old artist Tarkanfrom and Yasar Gagaon the album Sertab Erener voiced by ‘In spite of everything’ interpreted the song.

arrangement of the song Mustafa Ceceli’belonging

The artist started in early 2020 ‘Demo 2’ so far in the project ‘Do you know how to settle?’,I will go my way’, ‘Loser’ and ‘I am against’ He interpreted his formerly popular songs such

Lyrics to the song “In spite of everything”:

Blood, suffering, tears and hope despite everything
Live out of defiance, don’t give up while my pain aches

How many thousand years of slaughter is that?
How else do you defend yourself?
Is there really hope?
Oh with all this sin

At least you don’t leave my hands
at least you don’t
now constantly
We should embrace more love

The world is on fire, our end is near
Come hold my heart with all your strength
The world is crying, we are sad
We should love each other, if there’s no love, you’re gone, I’m gone

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